Tuesday, November 24th, 2020

Turkey and fixins in the oven, Jack and Ashley reminisce about Thanksgivings past; this will be their first without both their parents. Billy’s there, Traci’s not (but has sent flowers) Kyle arrives with pumpkin and pecan pies. A few minutes later so does Summer.

Phyllis wants it noted that she’s not making a fuss about spending Thanksgiving with Nick’s ex-wife. Feeding the homeless is a great cause and you were incredibly kind to Sharon during her cancer, Nick figures this is better than dragging her to the ranch for a Newman gathering. On cue, Victor calls to tell Nick that he had Adam committed – so he can get the help he desperately needs.

At CL’s, Sharon thanks Devon for his generous donation. Yup, he’s a charitable guy, Mariah announces that he got himself ordained to officiate Abby and Chance’s wedding. Yes, I’m Reverand Hamilton now. Sharon will keep that in mind.

On the patio, Amanda and Elena exchange awkward small talk. Elena worked early so will spend Thanksgiving catching up on sleep. Have a good one, she exits seconds before Devon comes out to invite Amanda to his place if she has no plans. Amanda’s going to see a friend who needs cheering up but dessert and coffee later sounds like a plan.

At Devon’s penthouse, Lily makes a call – come to Thanksgiving – please with cranberries on top – I’m cooking.

Summer thanks the Abbotts for including her and goes to put her pies in the kitchen. Hoping Kyle doesn’t have a problem with him inviting her, Jack goes to check on dinner. No, Kyle doesn’t want Summer to leave. He’s happy to spend Thanksgiving with her (and she, him)

Back at CL’s, Faith claims that things are great. Unconvinced, Mariah follows her into the kitchen. Victor and Nikki arrive to offer their help. You must be thinking about Adam, Sharon realizes. Rey asks how he is. Calm now and thanks to Sharon he’ll be properly evaluated, Victor and Sharon agree they made the right decision.

Amanda buzzes – can I come up? Surprised, Elena invites her up. Bottle of wine in hand, Amanda guesses Elena hoped it was someone else.

Devon’s home to tease Lily about being such a messy cook. Amanda might stop by later for dessert. Lily invited someone she hopes Devon won’t have a problem with. The only person Devon would have a problem with is Nate. He’s our cousin, Lily reminds – as the doorbell rings.

I’m so glad you could make it, Lily takes the wine Nate brought. That makes one of you, right? he looks at Devon (who confirms he didn’t know Nate was coming until now) Seems Lily tricked them both. Stopping Nate from leaving, Lily hates that the family is splintering and wants to make things whole again – even if it’s just for one day.

Amanda had no plans either so suggests she and Elena order in, maybe watch the parade. Or you can say you’re too tired and send me home to drink this bottle of wine by myself. Elena’s not sure she deserves Amanda’s kindness but thanks God she rang her doorbell.

Kyle off making a business call, Billy chats to Summer; Kyle’s a bit smug and you can be a brat but you’re both decent people and perfect for each other. This is coming from the smuggest and brattiest of them all. I still hate you, go be a jerk somewhere else, Summer growls. What Summer wants, Summer gets, Billy gets up and leaves the room. When Kyle rejoins Summer, she pouts about Mariah replacing her at Jabot (as Jack eavesdrops)

Wishing his parents Happy Thanksgiving, Nick quietly apologizes to Phyllis – he didn’t know they’d be here. No worries; Phyllis will avoid Victor like the plague. When Nick goes to the patio to talk to Faith, Phyllis (assuming Sharon knows) blabs about Faith’s drinking (and Nick’s reaction) Hiding her pain over not being in the loop, Sharon watches Faith and Nick on the patio.