Monday, November 23rd, 2020

Meeting Devon at Society, Mariah’s lonely (with Tessa out of town) Devon isn’t in a great mood either – he didn’t mean to ruin Nate’s medical career. His phone pings with some good news – I just had some power invested in me.

In her suite, Abby and Chance are making wedding plans. Since the ceremony will be simple, she wants the dress to be amazing. Unfortunately, her designer can’t do it. Fortunately, Sally arrives on cue – she’s been sent by Lauren (who won’t let Abby get married without the perfect dress)

Rey’s at ChanceCom with news for Billy – his gun was used to fire the shot, then was dismantled and dropped in a nearby dumpster. Billy doesn’t know how to dismantle a gun and hasn’t seen it in years; he left it with Vikki for protection. Let me know if you find out anything else, Billy says casually, but is left to look worried.

In her office, Vikki gets a call from Billy. He’s sure that when her alarm went off a few weeks ago, someone broke in to steal the gun (and used it to shoot Chance) Seeing Victor approach, Vikki quickly ends the call. But not quick enough. What was that about? he asks.

Going through a selection of dresses on a tablet Sally brought over, Abby picks the one Lauren thought she would. Sally’s excited to be working on the dress, and at Fenmore’s; especially since they acquired JVC – the reason she came to GC. After Sally leaves, Chance decides to take a walk. Getting a text, Abby will come too. She’ll meet Devon and Mariah to find out what his text means – ‘I’m invested with power by the state of Wisconsin’.

Vikki shares her theory with Victor; Adam broke into her house, stole the gun and used it to frame Billy. Victor thinks that nonsense; the truth is staring you in the face – Billy got his own gun and shot at Adam (hitting Chance instead) Hearing that Victor had Adam committed, Vikki’s glad her Father realizes that he’s a danger. Victor’s helping Adam, as he would any of his children.

When his younger self visits, Adam complains about undeservedly being locked up. Everything I’ve done I was driven to. They forced my hand. The boy disagrees – you need this; to finally get rid of the monster – isn’t that what you want?

Joining Devon and Mariah at Society, Abby’s thrilled to hear that he’s been ordained. Everything’s coming together.

Rey’s in Vikki’s office with questions about the gun stolen from her house. She didn’t report it but assumed it was Adam (retaliating for the expose) Did Billy ever confront Adam about the burglary? Rey asks.

When Victor visits, Adam tells him to drop the concerned act – it’s just you and me; no need to put on a show. Victor’s genuinely worried about his son; so desperate to help him that he enlisted Sharon. Get me out of here! Adam demands – of course you can do it; you’re Victor-damn-Newman. You’ll never see me again, he promises.

Victor didn’t know anything about the document Vikki had drawn up and asked Adam to sign. Adam moves on to ranting about his Father constantly trying to control his life. As an eleven-year-old child who killed a man – and now. Stop blaming him, you’re making things worse, young Adam chirps (and is repeatedly told to shut up) As Adam becomes increasingly agitated, Victor calls for an orderly.

Vikki suggests Rey focus on Adam; he’s the dangerous one. Dad just had him committed. Billy’s in a good place and has his life back on track. He wouldn’t risk everything to shoot Adam. When Billy arrives, Rey thanks Vikki for her time and heads for the door. If you were convinced I’m guilty you’d have arrested me by now, Billy comments. Don’t leave town, Rey warns in parting.

Back at Society, Abby gushes about starting a life with Chance. Devon agrees that love, family and friends are what matters the most. He knows how tough it is to lose those things. Mariah announces that Kyle hired her to run marketing at Jabot. It’ll be nice to earn a living again.

Rey’s looking at crime scene photos on his phone when Chance joins him on the CL’s patio to ask if there’s been any progress. One step forward, two back. Chance knows the feeling; the walk over wore him out but he’s eager to marry Abby as soon as possible.