Monday, January 18th, 2021

Lily’s happy to find Devon smiling at Society – and that he’s meeting someone. Nate’s onboard, she updates. Devon has news too – Moses might be coming to live with me.

Nikki’s not offended – she’s like to have a heart to heart chat with Faith. Sharon would appreciate that. Yes, she knows that her grandmother’s an alcoholic and what led to Cassie’s death. Nikki’s advice is to keep the lines of communications open.

Quietly Chance knows Victor’s just trying to be helpful. Abby’s now eager to get a second opinion – Newmans never give up. Victor ends his call with Nikki and vows to stay there until he hears back from the specialist.

Nikki rejoins a grateful Sharon to reassure that the family will support her, Nick and Faith – who then walks onto the patio and detects with her grandmother’s parting words that she’s been told about the drinking – great, my grandmother now thinks I’m an alcoholic, she scowls.

Returning to his suite, Nate announces that he’s accepted Lily’s job offer. Thrilled to hear it, Elena’s equally happy to hear that the renovations on Nate’s house will soon be complete. He can’t wait to bring her there.

Back at Society, Lily shuts Devon’s questions down by teasing him about Amanda. You can go with your food now, he’s left to grin.

Victor’s specialist doesn’t have good news – Abby’s scarring is too extensive to benefit from surgery. Victor will never give up – we’ll find someone, he promises.

Elena relays her awkward run-in with Amanda and explains why she’s going through a rough time. She doesn’t sound convincing when claiming to be fine that she’s seeing Devon. Nate has no problem with Elena still caring about Devon.

Devon greets Amanda warmly. No need to apologize for taking so long to get to Society – you’re worth waiting for.

When Victor ends his call, Abby guesses correctly that yet another specialist has confirmed that she’ll never be able to carry a baby. She looks devastated as Chance shows her Father out.

Yes, Sharon did tell Nikki that Faith’s been experimenting with alcohol. She needed advice. Faith’s not happy and doesn’t need therapy. Why would you bring that up? Sharon guesses she eavesdropped on her conversation with Nick.

Faith doesn’t need ‘support’ – she’s learned from her mistake. I’m not an addict – I’m just a person who had a crappy year – accept that and leave me alone, she leaves Sharon speechless.

Amanda briefly touches on her chat with Elena before diving into Society’s menu. Lily was just here – she thinks there’s more going on between us than we’re letting on. Is she on to something? Devon invites Amanda on an official date.

Nodding off in Nate’s bed, Elena dreams that she’s making out with Devon. Are you OK? Nate appears in a white robe to ask. Yes, I just forgot where I was for a moment, Elena forces a smile.

I prepared us a little something, Chance says as he brings out a tray of food – only to find that Abby’s asleep.

Poor Abby, Nikki recalls Vikki going through similar news. Victor wishes he could do something more. We need to be worried about Faith too. Nikki reports that she’s been experimenting with alcohol. Victor’s glad that Sharon reached out – he also needs to be there for Adam. Both are glad they went on vacation to London – but happier to be home to help their family.