Friday, January 15th, 2021

Billy’s blathering on about how good the kids are at skating. Lily’s surprised to hear that Vikki tagged along. On cue, Vikki arrives at ChanceCom to return Billy’s tablet – you left at my place last night. Nice of you to bring it by personally, Lily comments.

Spotting Adam, Sharon’s about to leave Society(unseen) when Victor arrives. Few people in town are sympathetic to Adam – nice to see you, Victor leaves her feeling guilty.

Joining Mariah at CL’s (where she’s trying to find new ways to sell perfume) Traci’s happy to hear that she likes her job – and appreciates her cheering Abby up last night.

At Memorial, Abby and Chance receive bad news. Abby’s miscarriage resulted in too much scarring for her to carry a baby. Implantation is impossible, sorry. I can’t have a baby, Abby’s horrified (as is Chance)

Adam gripes about Dr Cabbot preferring to treat Chelsea alone and issuing only the usual cliches – it’ll take time etc. She’s the best, Victor won’t rule out a miracle. It’s a miracle that you and I are sitting here together. Adam’s very grateful for what his Father’s done.

Now home, Chance and Abby absorb the bad news they received. No, the universe isn’t punishing you, he admits it’s a setback but not the end of their dream. We WILL have a family.

Vikki knows how much Billy depends on his devices – he even names them, she informs Lily. The kids and I had a wonderful time last night, Vikki leaves Lily to conclude that she misses Billy.

Billy disagrees – Vikki’s glad to be rid of me. Lily doesn’t think it a coincidence that Vikki’s schedule magically opened up to allow for a family skate night. She likes you and is happy for us, Billy insists. Lily could hear it in Vikki’s voice – she wanted to make sure I knew you were together last night. She wants nothing to do with me, Billy’s sure her only concern is the kids. If you say so, Lily remains unconvinced.

Wishing there was something he could do to makes things better, Chance goes to find a vase for the flowers Traci’s brought over. Ashley will probably call your doctor, Traci warns, then offers support. You and Chance will get through this. Abby weeps – it’s not fair.

At NE, Nikki announces that she just closed a deal – we’ll be signing the paperwork in Hawaii (halfway between here and where they are, Japan) The arrangements have all been made. Stop, I know what you’re doing, Vikki sighs.

Adam’s surprised when Sharon drops by with some books on long term care and stress management. She’s concerned – how are you, really? Wheeled in by her nurse, Chelsea does NOT look happy to see Sharon.

Sharon stammers that she stopped by to see how things are going. That’s nice of her, don’t you think, Chelsea? Adam adds. Chelsea thinks the words she can’t say – get her the hell out of our home – NOW! Sensing that Chelsea’s upset, Sharon escapes despite Adam almost begging her to stay.