Monday, January 18th, 2021

At home, Chance types in a search on AskMDnow – female fertility (as opposed to male fertility?) Abby comes down – what are you doing? But she’s too upset to push the issue when Chance closes his laptop.

On the CL’s patio, Nikki’s offer to go with Victor is politely declined. He must go see what’s wrong with Abby on his own. As soon as he leaves, Sharon surprises Nikki by asking her for some advice.

Amanda asks Elena what brings her by TGP. Hearing that Nate’s meeting her after he sees Lily. Amanda knows it’s about askMDnow and is happy to hear that Elena approves. Her smile vanishes when Elena asks how things are going between her and Devon.

At ChanceCom, Lily presents Nate with a lab coat bearing the askMDnow logo. It’ll look fantastic when he tapes his video segments. When, not if? Nate hasn’t accepted the job. When he mentions Billy, Lily wonders who told him. You just did – how long’s this been going on? this is (not good) news to Nate.

When Sharon sits to list everything Faith’s endured recently, Nikki’s devastated to hear that her granddaughter’s being harassed by schoolkids, and stunned to hear that Faith’s been drinking.

Lily doesn’t have much to say about Billy – it just kinda happened. We bonded over rebuilding our lives. Nate’s obvious disapproval has Lily wondering what he has against ‘that guy’.

Back at TGP, Amanda informs that she and Devon are just friends. Concerned, Elena would be happy to hear that he’s in a relationship (if only to assuage her guilty conscience) Amanda assures that Devon’s fine – he’s been her rock since she tracked down her birth Mother. What? When? Elena’s stunned. We have a lot of catching up to do, Amanda smiles.

Chance thinks it best if Victor came back another time but when Abby mopes in, her Father is understandably concerned.

Fine, Nate blabs that Billy was in an intense friendship with Amanda while married to Vikki. Lily knows Billy has a past – but he’s changed and has been upfront with her. Back to the job offer – she badgers until Nate agrees to give it a shot (with an escape clause which Lily’s sure they won’t need)

Victor on the phone, Abby tells Chance that her Dad’s talking to a specialist in Chicago. Hanging up, Victor updates that they’ll hear back soon. Yes, there’s always hope. Abby looks optimistic, Chance not so much.

Faith was on her best behavior when Sharon was on her honeymoon with Rey – but she seemed to perky when she came home. Faith has a friend, Jordan, that was with her both times she got caught drinking. Nikki advises Sharon to step in (to end this friendship) So, you decided to go to the family alcoholic for advice? she throws in.

Now seated in the lobby, Amanda fills Elena in on meeting her biological Mother (and the half-sister who slapped a restraining order on her) Devon’s encouraging her to keep an open mind – that they might just need more time. Amanda appreciates Devon being the kind of friend she can show up on his doorstep at any time to vent. Elena covers her feelings – even more so when Amanda excuses herself when Devon sends her a text.