Monday, February 1st, 2021

Vikki apologizes for sneaking up on Billy at ChanceCom. He’s coming over tonight for a rematch of the board-game they kicked his butt at last night. Do me a favour, don’t, Vikki requests.

Nick and Sharon debate how to approach Faith – who then comes home. We were hoping you could tell us about this, Sharon brandishes the vodka bottle cap.

Ah – just the woman I’m looking for, Gloria sashays into TGP in hopes of securing a position with The Escape Club. Nobody knows a woman’s desire more than I – you’d be crazy not to hire me. Phyllis has no openings – and further, knows that Glo has dirt on Vikki (which Kevin talked her out of using)

At Society, Tessa’s almost as excited as Mariah as they gush about the terrifying, exciting journey they’re about to embark upon. Tessa hints that they might have their own baby one day.

Abby leaves a message for her Mom – nobody’s hurt or anything, but everything’s changed.

Faith’s never seen that before – what is it? The cap from a vodka bottle – found under the couch cushions. Sharon then accuses her of drinking with Jordan. Faith insists she wasn’t – is this how it’s going to be from now on? Nick just wants Faith to be honest about how she’s feeling.

Gloria’s summoned Lauren to CL’s. I’m desperate and in debt. Nobody’s willing to give me a chance. No one trusts you, Lauren’s blunt. You and I are family, I’ve changed, Gloria pleads for a chance to prove it.

Vikki can’t have the kids getting used to staying up late, playing games and eating junk food. Billy’s puzzled – you laughed so hard last night. Vikki doesn’t want to give the kids the wrong idea; have their routine upended – or for Billy to get too comfortable in their lives.

We’re co-parenting our kids – we’re supposed to make them feel comfortable, Billy doesn’t get it. Vikki just wants Billy to stick to his scheduled visitation days – and set clear boundaries. He wonders what changed from yesterday to today. When Lily walks into the office, the answer is clear.

With a heavy-hearted sigh, Lauran confides that she’s promoting Sally so will need an executive assistant. Gloria promises to be subservient, subdued even. I won’t be any trouble. Lauren can’t help but chuckle – I’ll think about it.

Tessa and Mariah come up with some bizarre baby names (should they have their own) Abby listens outside as their conversation becomes more serious. Hey – Come in and celebrate, Mariah notices Abby, but not her sad face.

Sharon’s not discussing a bottle cap – she’s discussing the bottle it came from. Faith refuses to see a therapist. I won’t confide in a stranger who doesn’t know me! When Nikki shows up, Faith appeals to her. Nikki asks for time alone with Faith.

Nikki thinks Faith might benefit from seeing a therapist – it’ll get your parents to back off and a therapist might agree that you’re just a normal teenager. Faith feels frustrated and under pressure to be perfect. She just wants a normal life – out from under Cassie’s shadow – surely her grandmother can help. Sit tight and let me do the talking, Nikki calls Sharon and Nick back into the room to say that she’d like to take Faith up to the main house for a bit. Nick and Sharon agree.