Friday, January 29th, 2021

Victor’s summoned Vikki and Nick to NE to announce that he’s planning a family dinner. The kids aren’t enthused – and that’s exactly why he’s arranging it. This family is splintered and I don’t like it.

When Mariah comes down, Abby can’t contain her excitement – we’re gonna make a baby – all three of us!

Beneath a blanket on the sofa, Devon runs his hand along Elena’s back. He’s disappointed and hurt to see the regret in her eyes.

Sharon rants to Rey – she’s not happy to have found out from ranch security that Jordan spent the night. Faith didn’t even text her. They were on their best behavior this morning and went to school happy. Sharon didn’t make a big stink about it because she wants to keep an eye on the girls. She’s also decided to treat Chelsea. Rey thinks she’s asking for trouble by putting herself in close proximity to Adam.

Adam’s excited when Chelsea blinks twice for yes (Sharon’s agreed to treat her and will come over as soon as she can) Hoping to provoke the beast within – you get to be close to Sharon. Everyone wins, Chelsea’s blank face hides her inner fury.

This is the last thing Devon expected to happen – should we talk about it? How do you feel? Already dressed, Elena feels like she should go (and does so without further word)

After Chance goes to get his part done, Abby tells Mariah that she’s already made an appointment for Mariah – this afternoon.

Sharon arrives to tell Chelsea how sorry she is that this happened to her. Adam said you agreed to this? she confirms. Chelsea blinks twice. I want to keep an eye on you, she glares. Sharon plans to stop by every few days – something good may come out of it. Yeah, good for you and Adam, Chelsea fumes.

At TGP, Phyllis is on the phone, failing to book a convention at her hotel (apparently because Vikki has no connection to it anymore)

Victor doesn’t expect Nick and Vikki to have any sympathy for Adam but wagging his finger, says – you two need to put whatever’s bothering you behind you. Your Mother will be calling to make dinner arrangements – have a nice day.

Bumping into Elena at CL’s, Nate tried to call her a few times last night. She got stuck in the storm and her phone died. He hopes she wasn’t stuck somewhere she didn’t want to be. No, it was fine – gotta go, shower, eat – then get to the hospital. See you later, Nate’s suspicious as Elena literally runs away.

Vikki and Nick bicker over Phyllis. He wants an apology. And when he gets one, no, he’s not satisfied with it – he’s not the one Vikki owes an apology to. Go make it right.

Mariah returns from her doctor’s appointment – we’re waiting on bloodwork but there’s no reason I can’t carry a baby to full term. Abby will never be able to thank Mariah enough.

Coming home to dig his keys out of the sofa cushions, Rey also finds a large bottle cap.

Adam hates to cut this short but Chelsea’s physical therapy starts in a few minutes. Sharon stands – she’s so excited they’ll be working together – see you soon. When Adam shows Sharon out, Chelsea envisions them kissing.

When Sharon comes home, Rey gives her the cap he found in the couch cushions – from a vodka bottle. Sharon’s never brought this brand – Faith was drinking under this roof! I’ve gotta call Nick – we’ve got to do something.

Elena drops by Society’s kitchen – she needs a friend who won’t judge her. Lola’s surprised – you spent the night with Devon?

Dropping by CL’s, Devon spots Nate (who calls him out to the patio) We need to talk. Yeah? What’s on your mind? Devon asks.