Wednesday, February 3rd, 2021

Alarmed that Chance didn’t come home last night, Abby texts him, leaves a message for Rey – then opens the door for Nina (who’s been asked to meet Christine at the estate) Something’s happened to my husband, Abby’s convinced.

Despite being surprised when Vikki shows up at ChanceCom – to talk, Billy invites her into his office. Spotting Lily, Vikki announces that she’s famished and asks to go out for a bite to eat.

After Amanda pauses to exchange a few friendly words as she exits the CL’s patio, Elena comments on how casual she and Nate are. He’s sure she and Devon will get there too. Devon’s ears must have been burning – because here he is.

If Nate manages to repair his relationship with Devon, he’ll have Elena to thank for that. And with Moses staying with Devon, they’ll all be spending a lot of time together. Flashing back to her night with Devon, Elena assures Nate that she’s fine.

Lily’s surprised when Billy comes into her office as he puts his coat on. Have fun, she smiles when hearing that he’s going for food with Vikki (though her smile leaves as soon as Billy does)

As Abby looks petrified, then stunned, Nina drags it out of Christine that Chance had to go away and won’t be back for a while.

Needless to say, Nina and Abby aren’t happy to hear that Chance, ‘the agent’, has been summoned to go undercover again. He’s a hero. Leaving two envelopes, an apologetic but unhelpful Chris is shown out by Nina.

Elena’s been working too hard, we both have – how about that romantic getaway? Nate will arrange it – he can’t wait either. You just made my day, he heads inside to chat with Devon for a few moments. Returning moments later, he’s not happy to see that Devon’s taken his place with Elena on the patio.

At Society, Vikki admits that she’s jealous that Johnny and Katie took to Lily the way they did. But you didn’t block Lily from seeing the kids, you blocked me – Billy points out. Vikki hopes to handle things differently moving forward.

Yes, Devon just spoke to Nate. Elena seems disappointed that it was regarding Moses – she hasn’t changed how she feels either and wants to see where things go with Nate. Maybe they shouldn’t stay quiet. She claims to be concerned about Devon’s relationship with Nate – and Amanda.