Thursday, February 4th, 2021

In the boardroom, Kyle and Jack discuss plans for Valentine’s Day. Kyle’s come up with something spectacular for Summer. Jack notes that the forecast calls for a storm. Speaking of storms, he had an unexpected guest for the night during the last one; Sally Spectra.

Theo calls Sally from Chicago. Yes, he told Summer that she was after her job. He has dirt on Kyle – it’s huge, sensitive and should be relayed in person. He’ll be in GC soon. You’ll flip when you hear what I overheard. One fitting ‘screw you’ for Kyle Abbott from ‘moi’ ~click~ Lauren then marches into CL’s – we need to talk and it’s long overdue.

Sharon can see that Chelsea’s frustrated being only able to communicate by blinking yes or no. Water? Adam interrupts. Summoned aside, Sharon’s told that she’s being too nice – Chelsea’s a fighter – make her fight.

Sharon admits that tapping into Chelsea’s anger might work but she’s in a fragile state – let’s build her up to it. Adam persists – give Chelsea some conflict. He then watches Sharon in action. You hate that I’m here – you hate my guts. No need to blink – say it! Say something!

Chelsea silently wishes she could tell Sharon off. Get better, I know you can, Sharon concludes. Watching Adam step out with Sharon, Chelsea envisions them kissing and, as a result, is able to will her fingers to twitch again.

Jack assures Kyle that Sally didn’t take advantage of his generosity – she was pleasant company; very down to earth. Kyle disagrees that Sally’s the underdog and told her parents abandoned her as a kid thinks that just gives her a victim card. Jack’s not a fool – stop thinking the worst of Sally.

You seem nervous, Lauren observes as she takes a seat to deliver good news – Sally’s marketing pitch was so good she’s promoting her to JR Director of Internet Marketing. Summer arrives on cue to wonder what Sally will have her ‘hands full’ doing.

Hello stranger, Gloria saunters onto the CL’s patio to sarcastically thank Mike for fitting her in (and is told that’s because he’s meeting Lauren there anyway) So, I’m an afterthought, she scolds. Why are you so opposed to me being happy and fulfilled? she wonders.

Sally announces her promotion to Summer – nothing to do with JVC, she assures. Summer has news of her own – her trip to LA paid off big time. Spencer Publications want to see her again. The Spencers are coming to GC? Lauren looks forward to seeing Bill again. Summer sure hopes Sally will be able to make time to see her old friends.

Outside the apartment, Adam’s disappointed that Sharon’s approach didn’t work. Don’t give up – we’ll get there, Sharon encourages. It’s been weeks, Chelsea’s in such anguish (and so is Adam because she’s in that chair because of something he did)

Adam explains why he IS responsible. Chelsea’s fall was due to him cutting power to keep Billy in his office so that he could break into his hotel room. Sharon shrugs off the ‘accident’ – Chelsea will overcome this. Talk later, she leaves Adam to rejoin Chelsea. Tired? Hungry? Cold? Do you hate me? Chelsea wonders if he hopes so as an excuse to fall into Sharon’s arms. She won’t give up for Connor’s sake.

Mike won’t pressure Lauren to hire Gloria – you’re a magnet for trouble (he cites the flashdrive of dirt on Vikki, setting the boutique on fire, getting Jack to make a move on Fenmore’s. And they’ve been working together for years, Gloria asks for his blessing – then I’ll be out of your hair. What’s going on? Lauren asks.

Just the man I wanted to see, Sally thanks Jack for her promotion (helping with her shipping dilemma) Jack invites her out to celebrate.

Looking at a framed photo of him with Chelsea and Connor, Adam makes a call – he has an idea; a game-changer.

Lauren didn’t exactly offer Gloria a job as her Executive Assistant. And Mike didn’t give his blessing. Undeterred, Gloria asks when she starts.

At TGP, Summer whines about Sally being promoted. Her game’s working. Kyle suggests that Lauren just realized her talent. There’s no need to start anything – leave her be. You’re the one who warned me about her, Summer doesn’t appreciate Kyle being on Sally’s side – again.

Brought to Society for a celebratory lunch, Sally deluges Jack with compliments – how are you single? Jack’s sure the love of his life is right around the corner. Sally then checks her phone and sends Theo a one-word text – busy. He’s at CL’s ready to share dirt to use against Kyle and Summer. Is everything alright? a concerned Jack asks Sally.

You hold all the cards and can tell Lauren what we learned in LA anytime you want. But her getting a low-level position is no threat to you. Stop worrying about Sally. Summer’s then stunned to hear that Jack spent a night with her.

Meeting Theo at CL’s, Sally hears his huge dirt on Kyle. When they were hot, young players in the Hamptons, Kyle fell in love with an older married woman. Sally recognizes the husband’s name – he has a nasty reputation.

Adam’s at Sharon’s to run his idea by her – what if I bring Connor home from boarding school to motivate Chelsea to recover? Sharon’s concerned about traumatizing Connor (so soon after the hostage situation) It could backfire.

Chelsea’s nurse pops in and out of the room, ignoring her patient and her twitching fingers.

Relenting, Adam thanks Sharon for her opinion. I don’t know what I’d do without you, he takes her hand. She’s so busy gazing into his eyes that she doesn’t notice that her husband’s come home.

Summer mocks Sally for not being able to drive home in the ice storm and is sure she had ulterior motives. Kyle reminds that they were stranded at Jabot. Summer’s still convinced that Sally made the most of her time with Jack.

If this happened four years ago, why would Summer care? Sally doesn’t think Theo’s dirt amounts to much – until she finds out that he has proof in the form of DNA – Ashlyn JR (now going by the name Harris) is three years old.

Next Week: Rey draws a line in the sand – he doesn’t want Sharon seeing Adam again… Amanda wants to know Devon’s deepest, darkest secret; the one he’s afraid she’ll find out… In Mexico, Elena claims that she had a bad dream that shook her up. Was it about Devon? Nate wonders.

My Thoughts: The meteorologists in Wisconsin must be using more advanced technology than we do up here – our weather forecast consists basically of looking out the window and telling us whether we need our toques and shovels the next morning…. If Theo’s so determined to give Kyle one last ‘screw you’ why is he hiding behind Sally’s off-the-Fenmore’s-rack skirt? …. I still can’t get used to Micheal going silver so suddenly – couldn’t he have given us a dash of salt and pepper first? And if Gloria’s so eager to prove herself, why not look for a job like everyone else; submitting a resume online? I’d forgotten that Gloria torched the boutique. Odd that Mike didn’t mention her tainting Jabot’s face cream (that may or may not have caused a woman to die – and cost Jabot a hefty settlement to her widower) .. It’s hard to muster much interest in Summer and Kyle, so I can’t imagine a toddler adding to the dynamic. But if the kid shuts Summer up, I’m onboard… The actor who plays Jack is 67. The actress who plays Sally is 31. ‘Nuff said.