Tuesday, February 9th, 2021

What do you want me to say? Adam does matter to me, Sharon admits – but YOU are my husband. I meant my vows. Rey not believing her is hurtful and insulting. Rey questions Sharon being defensive. He’s drawing a line in the sand – an ultimatum – don’t see Adam. If you can’t or won’t, we’ll both know Adam’s more important than our marriage. You never deny him – despite my concerns and your own daughter’s. How much more is Rey expected to take? Sharon’s not lying – she’s not having an affair with Adam. Not every affair is sexual – and those are the most painful. Rey marches upstairs, Sharon grabs her coat and leaves.

Devon and Amanda continue to bond on the couch. Both are happy with the way the night end. It was almost inevitable. We share chemistry. This night has been incredible, Amanda hopes she’s not ruining it by asking what this all means.

Elena’s in bed, Nate’s dressed and standing on the balcony – thinking – about her and Devon; the subtle vibes that didn’t click until now. There’s an urgency, desperation. You have a secret. You slept with Devon, didn’t you? Yes, Elena whispers.

Victor will always be there for his son – even if he severs all ties with the family and changes his name. Victor’s gone through many ups and downs – you’ll be alright and so will Chelsea. Good night my boy. After Victor leaves, Adam’s about to do the same, when Sharon appears to call his name.

Sharon can’ treat Chelsea anymore. Adam’s been questioning his motives anyway – maybe seeing Sharon was something he looked forward to (which is selfish) Adma’s sorry. Sharon’s not sorry she deserves an apology – she had her own reasons for treating Chelsea. Adam needs to figure out this thing between them.

Amanda and Devon both have reasons to be cautious – let’s not overthink it. No expectations, no conditions – just two people moving forward – on the same page. Amanda has one more thing to say.

Elena admits that she slept with Devon the night of the storm. They had a good talk – then needed to make sure they weren’t throwing it all away needlessly. So – was it a goodbye for you and Devon – or is it goodbye for you and me? Nate asks.

You said – Devon, you filled my heart tonight. Nate’s not in any position to judge – but he’s hurt. Elena’s sorry. Needing to do some thinking, Nate goes for a walk on the beach.

Amanda cares about Devon and thinks he cares about her too – but can’t help but wonder if he’s truly over Elena. She’s my past, Devon promises that he’s ready to move on – with Amanda. Well then, let’s go back to bed.

There is no us – we can’t keep looking backwards. Sharon had so much to celebrate this year – being cancer-free – marrying a wonderful man. But my daughter’s hiding things from me and my husband suspects I love another man. Why would he question that? Adam wonders – then gives Sharon a passionate kiss.