Tuesday, February 9th, 2021

Much to Rey’s dismay, Sharon’s waited up for him – to ask what he’s thinking about walking in on her and Adam.

Adam tells the nurse that he’s going out – he doesn’t know how long he’ll be and won’t know where until he gets there.

Nate gets out of bed to join Elena on the balcony, listening to the waves – hoping it would help her doze off. Nate’s surprised she’s having trouble relaxing. Come back to bed and fall asleep in the arms of the man who adores you. Elena had a dream that shook her up. About Devon? Nate wonders.

Wearing one of Devon’s shirts, Amanda comes down to find him in the living room – did I scare you away?

Rey’s been thinking a lot about what he saw – trying to be objective. But seeing Sharon and Adam holding hands in ‘our’ home is too much. Adam disgusts me. Yet, Sharon chooses him, every single time.

Adam meets Victor at Society. Chelsea? No change. Be patient, Victor advises. And how’s Adam? Scared – filled with despair. He’s grateful that Sharon’s grounding him. What does she have to do with this? Victor asks.

Devon came down to rehydrate – in case the night’s not over yet. Amanda’s happy that it’s not.

Nate wonders if Devon’s still in Elena’s psyche. Maybe this is all happening too fast for you.

Devon explains each of his tattoos to Amanda (who thinks it fascinating that his body’s a canvas) The bull? The represents strength etc. etc. Amanda’s suddenly hot – she needs more than water.

Victor questions Sharon’s expertise – why do you always pull her back into your life? Adam insists it’s just a friendship.

I chose you. I married YOU, Sharon’s sorry Rey’s upset. She’s just trying to help Chelsea. Rey understood her going to Vegas to bring Adam home. We broke up because you couldn’t stay away from him. Rey’s repeatedly supported Sharon involving herself in Adam’s life. He always comes back for more. You always let him. The question is WHy?

You want to be the one to always save him, Rey doesn’t doubt that Sharon loves him. But he’s scared she still loves Adam – the kind of love that will never go away.

Adam loves Chelsea – he and Sharon are just friends. Victor finds it funny how Adam always finds his way back to Sharon. He’s never fully trusted Chelsea – but she’s a good Mother and has been there for you. Yet – there’s this primal attraction to Sharon. It’s dangerous.