Monday, February 8th, 2021

Devon’s surprised when Amanda comes over with grocery bags. Instead of dining at the new Argentinian restaurant, she wants them to cook a meal together.

Elena’s delighted with the hotel room and its close proximity to the ocean. Let’s get this vacation started, she invites Nate to join her on the bed.

At TGP, Phyllis tells Nick that Sally Spectra is dangerous and working against Summer (who was just dragged out by Kyle to have a conversation about this woman)

Are you done casing the joint? Summer asks. Kyle needed to be sure no one’s home (at Jack’s) What happened with Sally? Summer wants to know.

Sally’s surprised to be treated to Jack’s smile yet again today (at Society) Now that your career’s on path, what’s next for Sally Spectra? It’ll be fun to find out, she grins.

Sally goes after things that aren’t hers – she wanted Summer’s job and boyfriend. But Phyllis can’t help wondering what Kyle needed to speak to Summer about so urgently. Something’s not right, she assures Nick.

Back at the estate, Kyle finally starts blurting out the story of how he met Tara in New York (to get over Summer) She was married – things got intense – we parted ways – I’m so sorry …. Summer scoffs at Sally thinking an old affair would come between them. There’s more, Kyle looks grim.

We’ve got 15 minutes before the biscuits have to go in. Over wine, Amanda’s impressed with Devon’s culinary skills – maybe you are the real deal. The recipe? One of her foster Mom’s (who slipped it into her bags when her husband made her move out)

Nate and Elena are enjoying Margaritas in their suite on the ocean.

Jack admires Sally for her positivity, grit and determination – you always keep your chin up. I predict great things for you, he clinks her glass.

Tara’s husband is Ashlyn Locke; a rich and powerful man who’s done business with both our grandfathers. Summer still doesn’t get what the big deal is.

Amanda confided something from her past – so now wants to hear Devon’s deepest darkest secret, the one he’s afraid she’ll find out.

Asked about his travels, Jack picks Mylasia as one of his favorite tourist destinations. When he jokes that Sally should have Lauren open a boutique in every city she wants to visit, Sally hints that she’d like Jack to show her around – but gets the hint when he thinks it best to discover a city by oneself. Leaving to get some work done, Sally hopes they can do this again sometime. Jack’s left to facepalm.

Ashlyn Locke is dangerous – he’ll come after me, my family – you, Kyle worries there’ll be no coming back. Kyle wanted Summer to hear it from him. So, what do we do? Nothing.

Phyllis will do anything to protect Summer. You don’t know this Sally Spectra (who then comes in to charm Nick by knowing all about Restless Style – and annoy Phyllis)