Wednesday, March 17th, 2021

Nice to meet you both, Kyle smiles. You too, Locke leads his wife out. Sally appears to taunt – there goes the love of your life. He’s not my son, Kyle growls. Sally’s just giving him a hard time – relax; she wants them all to get along. Ignoring Sally, Summer leads Kyle away. Enter Phyllis – Sally’s just the woman she wanted to see.

Is your suite satisfactory? Phyllis asks. One of her employees, Troy, has been asking about Sally; he’s a personal trainer at the gym; gorgeous. I told him you were single. Wanting her employees and guests to be happy, she’ll set up a dinner date. No, Phyllis doesn’t have a problem with Sally being Jack’s friend – unless it goes further. Sally doesn’t need Phyllis’s approval. She’s on her way to see Jack now – I’ll tell him you said ‘hi’.

Where’s Vikki? Victor enters the CEO’s office to ask Nikki. He came to give his daughter a pep talk – how did she take the news? Pretty well, Nikki’s more concerned about Victor – why would he risk going into business with Adam again? Victor reminds of his sons’ traumatic childhood – also, Adam’s changed.

Before he leaves CL’s, Billy wants to talk to Vikki about getting Katie a musical instrument. OK, he’s just making small-talk to prove that things are OK between them. You can go, Vikki appreciates the effort but it’s not necessary.

Vikki accosts Adam when he arrives at CL’s – congratulations on your win. Yes, she means it – just as much as Adam did when congratulating her on being named Newman’s CEO. But unlike Adam, she isn’t submissive to their Father. Guessing that Vikki only wanted to buy Locke’s company to protect Billy, Adam thinks that pathetic.

After Chloe sends the nurse out for a break, Chelsea has a favour to ask of her.

At Society, Kyle tells Summer that Sally was trying to get a rise out of him. Tara doesn’t think Ashland suspects anything and wants him to pretend Harrison doesn’t exist. Great, that’s what you wanted, right? Kyle doesn’t look so sure.

Sally shows up at Jabot’s boardroom with a surprise for Jack; a shirt to go with his new jacket. He then gets a text from Phyllis (can we meet? There’s something you should know) The flirtatious vibe vanishes.

No, that wasn’t Lauren postponing a meeting, it was Phyllis, Jack admits. Ah – Sally relays their run-in – she disapproves of us spending time together. She’s right – you’re out of my league. But Sally sees no harm in wanting nothing but the best.

Kyle hasn’t changed his mind. Good, Summer thinks he’s doing the right thing for the right reason. And when she suggests they get re-engaged, Kyle agrees – champagne?

Chelsea needs this favour done, no questions asked – trust me, please. Chloe will do it – but be careful. Now alone, Chelsea pulls out a tablet and types.

Still at CL’s, Adam ends a congratulatory call from Jack, then reads a text that he supposedly sent to Sharon – I can’t stop thinking about you – wish we were both free. He reads a second text – please respond but is even more stunned by Sharon’s reply – leave me alone. Rey’s sick. Let me go for good.

Next Week: Naya’s come to Amanda – My family’s in trouble – we need your help ….. Phyllis confronts Summer – You’re holding something back – spill it …. Rey’s going to be OK , Nick assures. You don’t know that for sure, Faith frets – he’s still unconscious … Adam peeks through the door and shakes his head as he watches Chelsea stretching.