Wednesday, March 17th, 2021

After lunch in their suite at TGP, Kyle heads off to his meeting – leaving Summer to read an article online announcing the birth of Ashland and Tara Locke’s son, Harrison.

Down in the lobby, Jack praises Phyllis on the lunch her chef prepared. No, he wasn’t with Sally. He had a great talk with Summer, she and Kyle are in a good place; though Kyle isn’t being open with him. On cue, Kyle marches by without a word as if to prove Jack’s point. Probably late for a meeting, Phyllis is quick to reassure.

Thank you for calling, Vikki hangs up the phone to whine to her Mom – you won’t believe this.

At ChanceCom with Lily, Billy also gets a call bearing bad news. That son of a bitch, he fumes after hanging up.

Adam pops champagne to celebrate Locke choosing to sell his media company to him and Victor. Father and son are left to toast to themselves – cheers. Adam would love to see the look on Vikki and Billy’s face right now. Don’t gloat, Victor then tells Chelsea that she should be proud of Adam. You think everything’s going according to plan but have no idea what’s coming, she snarls to herself.

Glaring at Adam and Victor, Chelsea must reign herself in for now – soon you’ll pay.

Back at NE, Vikki can’t believe she read the situation wrong – was Locke playing her all along? Nikki’s sorry – knowing how badly she wanted this deal. You’re secretly glad I lost, Vikki accuses.

Billy knows Victor’s coming after him – I’m a target. Be creative, focus on growing ChanceCom, Lily doesn’t care that she sounds like Vikki (because, on this, Vikki’s not wrong)

I’m your biggest supporter, Nikki’s only concern is Adam breaking Victor’s heart. She suspects Vikki’s more concerned with Billy’s reaction than her Father’s. Her advice is not to make any impulsive moves where Billy’s concerned – don’t do anything you can’t take back.

Lily isn’t afraid of going against Adam and tells Billy to let it go; trust in what we have. Yes, ‘we’re good’ – Lily’s not concerned by Vikki saying she loves Billy – we’re solid. Like granite, Billy agrees, then wonders how Adam secured the deal. By offering more money, Lily assumes and wants to move on.

Guess you’re headed home, Kyle chats with Tara in the hotel lobby. Harrison must miss his Mom, he deliberately ruffles her feathers. Locke enters on cue to observe the obvious tension between the pair.

Nikki and I are praying for a speedy recovery, Victor tells Chelsea (who thinks he’s in luck then – your prayers have been answered) Victor then leaves Adam to gush to Chelsea about how great it is to be working with his Father again. Chelsea blinks her support while grumbling silently. Chuckling that he’s boring her, Adam will give Chelsea a break and go out for a bit. Now alone, Chelsea wastes no time sending Chloe a text – come over.

Running into Vikki at CL’s, Billy states the obvious – that didn’t go as we expected. No, he’s not concerned with Adam’s next move – ChanceCom’s in good shape. Vikki doesn’t want to discuss what she blurted out. Don’t feel bad or awkward – we’re good, he implores.