Tuesday, March 16th, 2021

Victor drops by Adam’s. He hasn’t heard from Ashland but expects to soon. He doesn’t want Adam to second guess his pitch. And if this doesn’t an out, there’ll be other opportunities. We’re partners now (and Vikki made a mistake in going against us)

Faith eavesdrops as Sharon panics on the phone – Rey seems to be getting worse. Nate doesn’t have the test results yet – if he continues to decline, get him to the hospital.

Locke ends a call with his son – Daddy loves you, little man. Phyllis appears to introduce herself as the owner of TGP. Locke’s checking out – his work will be done here soon. Phyllis seems to be mesmerized.

At ChanceCom, Billy claims to be distracted because they haven’t heard from Ashland. Lily believes it’s more to do with Vikki’s confession that she still loves him.

Vikki confides in her Mom that she told Billy she still loves him. How could I lose control like that? she chides herself. You share children, history, Nikki repeats Lily’s recent theory (that she wants Billy back because he’s now the man she always wanted him to be)

Billy has nothing to hide. Lily knows that – but Vikki’s still in love with you (and you’re minimizing it) Billy doesn’t reciprocate her feelings though. And no, he doesn’t need to examine his feelings – I love you. Deciding they need time apart (except at work) Lily leaves.

Vikki laments her momentary lapse in judgment – Billy’s clearly moved on with Lily. I need to get some air, she leaves Nikki in her office.

Running into Nate at CL’s, Amanda asks him how things are going with Elena. We broke up, he admits – things were too complicated. His vague answers let Amanda know that there’s unfinished business between Elena and Devon.

Elena’s at Devon’s to tell him that Nate abruptly ended things. She doesn’t expect anything from Devon – or for him to feel guilty; what happened between us was mutual – we didn’t intend to hurt anyone. But we did, and now we have to deal with the fallout, Devon confirms she left her bracelet there. Amanda found it.

Rey asleep on the couch, Faith worries about him. She’s glad she stood up to her bullies – then gets a text that makes her smile. Heading up to the main house to see her grandmother, Faith’s delighted to get another text from her secret admirer. Awakened by the door closing, Rey asks Sharon for some of Lola’s soup.

Jack drops by ChanceCom – heard anything from Ashland? He’s quite the enigma – gave no indication which way he’s leaning. What does Lily think of your chances? Billy looks guilty.

On the patio, Vikki and Lily agree that they’ll soon know who the winner is – someone’s fortunes will change dramatically (it seems they’re not just talking about Locke’s media company)

Devon didn’t tell Amanda that they slept together. She commented that it’s nice that you can confide in me – and probably suspects there’s more to it. He doesn’t want to mislead either woman and wants to see where things go with Amanda. He didn’t think they were trying for a second chance – he thought they were seeing if there was anything left between them. Elena wishes him the best and all the happiness he deserves.

So, have you heard anything from Ashland? Lily will let Vikki wonder. Why cut your media division loose, then suddenly jump into the bidding on Locke’s? Things change – this company has potential, especially under my leadership. Lily thinks she’s ruling her empire from her tower – set her sights on the media company because it’s important to me. It’s just a trophy for you. You couldn’t be more wrong, Vikki’s successful and confident she’ll come out on top. Lily scoffs – if you were that confident you wouldn’t be trying so hard to convince me.

Adam understands why Vikki’s going after Locke’s company and admires her for it. Victor’s surprised. He respects all Adam’s been through – has always had faith he’d work it all out. He made it clear to the family that he’ll never turn his back on Adam (who will prove he was right to put that faith in him)

Jack raves about how well Billy and Lily complement each other – Locke would be crazy not to sell his company to ChanceCom. How will you take it if you lose? If Adam wins he’ll use it to come after ChanceCom. Think about how your reactions might affect Lily. She’s my number one priority – Billy will do whatever it takes to make sure she doesn’t get hurt. Jack leaves as Lily arrives. She ran into Vikki – everything she does is calculated – you need to hear this … Billy interrupts – he only wants to go forward, with Lily.