Monday, April 19th, 2021

When Sally arrives for a meeting with Lauren, Jack can’t exit the boardroom fast enough. Yes, Lauren knows they aren’t seeing each other anymore. He doesn’t hate you; he’s dismayed (and here’s a list why) Sally would give anything for another chance – she’s fallen in love with Jack.

Rey gives his phone a disgusted look. He’s polite but clearly has no desire to chat with Sharon (who sounds chipper, as if nothing’s wrong) Lola arrives at CL’s to hear that Rey plans to move out of Sharon’s. It’s Adam, it’s always Adam, he sighs. Are you really ready to give up on your marriage? Lola asks.

Traci’s brought a celebratory take-out lunch to the estate. Mariah can’t eat and is flying out for a business meeting. Abby’s attempt to talk her out of it is gently rebuffed.

Kyle agrees that he and Tara need to talk – but not in TGP lobby; meet me upstairs in a few minutes, he gets on the elevator.

Abby knows she sounds ridiculous. Mariah jokes – she’ll take good care of helicopter Mom’s cargo. Traci can tell that Abby has more on her mind – whatever it is, you can tell me.

Ashland accused me of sleeping with you. Kyle laughed it off but felt an underlying threat. Tara relays their fight – Ashland flies off the handle, then stays quiet – that’s when he’s most dangerous. The rumours about Jabot sound like something he’d do. Summer walks into the suite – what’s going on?

Surprised to find Locke still in town (at Society) Jack asks about the canceled deal. Is it something I said? No, something Kyle did.

Mariah stops by her Mom’s before leaving town. Sharon wants to celebrate when she gets back but Mariah needs a break from being the center of attention. Faith did well in court today and is holding her own at school, Sharon then admits that she may have lost Rey.

Rey’s tried talking to Sharon – there’s nothing left to do but walk away. She doesn’t think Adam poisoned me. Even if that’s the case, she always puts him first, he whines to Lola.

It was too soon to fall in love, Lauren thinks Sally’s infatuated with Jack. Maybe it’s time to move on.

Kyle and I bumped into each other in the lobby, Tara tells a less-than-impressed Summer. Whatever you do, stay away from my husband! she barks at Kyle before marching out.

If you have something to say to me, just say it, Jack demands. Locke just did (the apple didn’t fall far from the tree when it came to Kyle) Jack shares his suspicions that Locke’s spreading rumours about Jabot.