Thursday, April 15th, 2021

Seemingly enjoying being alone in the penthouse, Chelsea starts a video chat with Connor – I missed you so much!

Vikki summoned her Mom away from the office (to Society) to share a hunch that Dad’s hiding Adam at the ranch. Nikki doesn’t think a bottle of rare Scotch on the bar is proof but if so, wouldn’t be that surprised (which isn’t the reaction Vikki was hoping for)

Faith’s upstairs when Rey comes home from the gym with her favourite smoothie to wish her luck in court today. No, he’s not going and he has no desire to talk with Sharon (who hoped he’d have a change of heart after sleeping on it) When Faith comes down, Rey’s proud that she’s taken responsibility for her actions; so much braver than some adults he knows. Good luck kiddo, I love you. Sharon’s left to regroup quickly and assure Faith that she’s fine.

In the boardroom, Kyle again apologizes to his Dad but brings good news – he and Summer are engaged, this time for keeps. Jack’s jaw drops.

Summer’s summoned her folks to TGP to announce that she and Kyle are engaged. Phyllis enthusiasm seems fake. Nick will feel more comfortable with this after a talk with Kyle. He now needs to go pick up Sharon and Faith. Summer’s left to make it clear that she’s still pissed off at her Mom.

Phyllis did what she did to protect Summer (and Jack) You’re my daughter; I’ll always love you and that’s the way it is. Summer worried Sally was a threat to her job, but it was you – this will take a while to get over. Will it help to know that Jack ended things with Sally? Yes, Summer leaves in a better mood.

Kyle won’t put his life with Summer on hold for Locke. Jack heard about the unsafe condition rumours at Jabot but won’t assume Locke’s behind it until there’s proof. By the time we have proof, the damage will be done, Kyle points out.

Chris joins Sharon and Nick in reassuring Faith. It’ll be fine. Breathe. You’ll be at school in time for afternoon classes. She leads the way out. Great, Faith doubts many kids have been late to school due to a court appearance.

You’re not shocked that Dad’s been lying to you and hiding an accused murderer? Vikki scowls. Adam saved Faith’s life, that has to count for something, Nikki’s grateful – he can’t stay hidden forever – the GCPD won’t give up. Celebrate landing Locke’s company – the rest will work itself out. See you later, Nikki has a meeting to get to. Vikki’s left to leave a message for Rey – we need to talk.

Jack joins Phyllis at TGP, assuming correctly that she got the same news Kyle just told him. The kids did a bad job of handling the situation with Sally but Summer shouldn’t be blamed, Phyllis adds.

Chelsea’s getting better and better every day – she’ll see Connor soon and hug him so hard. Dad? He’s working with grandpa. That’s ‘cool’, Connor has to get to class now. Love you Mom.

Rey meets Vikki at Society – he doesn’t have much time. Are you still looking for the person who poisoned you? Rey has no time for games. Vikki again shares her bottle of Scotch theory. Thank you, Rey exits quickly.

At CL’s; 100 hours of community service, $500 fine, outpatient treatment for substance abuse – all to be expunged when Faith turns 17 – Nick thinks that fair. He and Sharon are proud of the way she conducted herself in court. Faith’s relieved that it’s all over. Now, it’s time to face her classmates (minus Jordan who’s been suspended)