Thursday, April 22nd, 2021

Put YOUR persuasion skills to good use – get Kyle to stay away from Ashland, Tara’s on the same side as Summer here. Summer reluctantly agrees – Kyle’s just trying to protect his family’s legacy. Nobody has more at stake than me; I could lose my son, Tara’s devoted to him, and her marriage. She can’t stop Ashland from going after Kyle or Jabot. Getting a call from Nikki, she rushes out. Billy arrives to question Summer – who doesn’t know if Ashland’s OK; she has other things to worry about.

Kyle shares his idea; Brash & Sassy has been operating in the original facility since we bought it from Newman. Jack’s optimistic – we can get out from under Locke’s thumb. Let’s get to work. Kyle will do the research – Jack will make the calls. Summer comes in to report that Ashland Locke’s in the hospital.

When Lily arrives at Society, Lola quips that she’ll have to de-spice her recipes because she looks so damn hot. Lily chose a specific menu; Billy’s favourite foods; from Jamaican jerk chicken to soup from Myanmar. It should cheer him up. Devon appears to crack jokes about Billy and update that Mariah’s pregnant.

Vikki flashes back to her Mom warning her that Victor won’t back down – aren’t you tired of banging your head against the same brick wall? He can’t change but you can. It’s always up to me to bend to his will, Vikki sighs. Nikki then appears on the patio to update that Locke had a heart attack – at the ranch. Did Dad cause it? No, but he refused to call an ambulance.

Locke’s heart attack feels like classic Dad to Vikki – Ashland was just using me to up his purchase price. And your Father was using the company as a symbol of his devotion to Adam, Nikki’s now finally seen the light. Victor doesn’t need Locke’s company – he just wanted to secure a future for Adam. But it’s nothing against you, Nikki insists – Victor feels overwhelming guilt where Adam’s concerned. Let them have the damn media company. How about a massage? Great idea, but Vikki has to go see Billy.

While Jack calls GCM for info on Locke Summer updates Kyle – Tara can’t do anything to help. Kyle started this and has to end this – Harrison is his biggest concern. You don’t know what it’s like to lose a parent at a young age. He has Tara, Summer states – just like you had Jack (who then returns to update that Locke’s been admitted after having a heart attack) He can’t help but worry about the kid out there that might lose his Father (Kyle and Summer exchange a look)

Back at Society, Devon pledges to always be there for Abby and Chance’s baby. Lily’s glad – now, how’s your personal life going? He and Amanda are giving it another shot. We both have special people in our lives, Lily’s glad. She hasn’t gotten a chance to see Moses yet. Devon again needles her about Billy.

Vikki finds Billy all dressed up – big night with Lily tonight? Ashland had a heart attack, she reports – at the ranch – while signing papers to sell Cyaxeres to my Father. What will you do about it? Billy has no doubt Victor used Locke’s heart attack to his advantage. Vikki’s going to confront her Father. No, Billy can’t come – go enjoy your evening with Lily.

Kyle runs into Tara at TGP. How’s Ashland? He’s in surgery for a pacemaker. Kyle hopes he pulls through, but only for Harrison’s sake.

It smells amazing back there, Lily rejoins Devon, sure that her and Billy’s dinner will be epic. ‘Running late, big potential story’, she gets a text. No, Devon won’t say ‘I told you so’. If you’re not making jokes you really don’t think it’ll last, Lily concludes.

Tara knows that Kyle doesn’t like Ashland but he’s my husband and he needs me. Wait, you should know what your husband did – he sabotaged Jabot on a global scale. Tara may have a way to help; you’ll hear from me, she promises before hurrying out of TGP.

Vikki’s out of breath when she gets to the ranch – care to explain yourself?! Victor isn’t pleased – how dare you come here and speak to me in that tone!? Billy appears to accuse Victor of stealing Cyaxares from Vikki. He accepted our bid – you lost, Victor asks Vikki if Billy speaks for her. Vikki doesn’t want Victor popping in to NE anymore – I’m closing the door on YOU, she leaves her Father to order Billy to ‘get out’.

My Thoughts: I’m pretty sure, as pointed out to me by Marcia, that there was an episode yesterday that I somehow missed … Oh yeah Lily. Soup from Myanmar is sure to ‘cheer Billy up’. There’s nothing like being reminded of being locked in a squalid prison cell for months to kick off an ‘epic’ evening. Great memories! …. Jabot’s problems extending all the way to London, Ontario hardly makes it a ‘global’ issue…. Of course Nikki would guess correctly that Tara can be found at TGP – where else would anyone stay? I feel sorry for the employees at the GCAC; twiddling their thumbs while even the billionaire who owns the place prefers to hang out at Society… And really, Nikki? THIS has made you see Victor in a different light? The heart attack of a complete stranger? Why does HE always get to decide when the conversation is over? How she looks the hired help in the eyes with any sense of pride is beyond me … And after Nikki called TGP looking for Tara, the front desk actually gave out her cell phone number? … Why would Victor give a rats ass if Vikki won’t let him pop by her office anymore? And who does she think will stop him? Security? The receptionist who’s never at her desk? .. The anvils are being dropped, heavy and often – we get it, Lola’s about to get a boyfriend… Oh please, Jack – you’re so worried about a kid you’ve never met, whose Father is trying to take down your company. If you want to stress over a child, how about your own; when was the last time Keemo was mentioned? Anyone??