Thursday, April 22nd, 2021

Kyle and Jack are doing damage control in Jabot’s boardroom – seems fire code violations are shutting their factories down; even the one in London – Canada! If Locke’s willing to bribe inspectors, he may be the only one who can undo this damage, Jack figures.

At the ranch, Locke’s clutching his chest. Victor demands he sign the contract.

Summer marches into TGP – your husband has to be stopped! she barks at Tara.

Locke continues to rub his chest – you’re risking my life. Victor’s unconcerned – you don’t renege on a contract with me – sign.

Vikki’s on her phone and laptop at CL’s – thanks for the flowers and let me know about family game night. Ashland Locke may be playing all of us, she adds (in her message for Billy)

Sign the damn thing, Victor orders. Locke manages to grasp the pen (with much effort)

Billy updates Lily on their staff – the employees who went to work for Victor have been replaced; the rest have been told that he doesn’t have a media company for them to work at. Lily knows Billy’s disappointed, but we dodged a bullet – let Vikki deal with Locke.

Putting the pen back down, Locke leans back on the sofa. OMG, is he alright? Nikki comes in to express alarm (Victor expresses none)

** Thanks to my friend, Marcia, I believe I may have missed an episode yesterday. Not sure why my PVR didn’t record it.

What’s happening here – something’s very wrong with him! Nikki declares. Sign, Victor doesn’t budge. He needs a doctor! Nikki sputters. After Locke signs, Victor lets her call for an ambulance. In agony, Locke raises a shakey fist – this game isn’t over yet. Damn right it isn’t, Victor smirks.

Tara wants to talk like grown-ups – what do you want from me? Jabot is under attack – have you tried to steer Ashland away from GC?! You must have some persuasion skills, Summer scowls – Otherwise, why did he marry you in the first place? Kyle came to ME, Tara points out, not the other way around. You’re in GC for the third time, Summer counters. Tara thinks it a good thing she was here to talk Kyle out of going to Ashland. He can’t win this fight. It may even already be too late.

Call my wife, Locke asks Nikki as he’s wheeled out by the medics. She agrees and is left to scold Victor. He came by to renegotiate and I wouldn’t let him; then he had a heart attack, Victor astounds Nikki with his cavalier retelling.

Billy pouts; he’ll be thinking of the deal they lost for a long time. Lily wants to get things back on track; she’s planned a romantic dinner to commiserate over losing Cyaxares, then, hopefully, we can move on. This will be a proper date (so go ‘home’ and change)

What if Locke died because you didn’t get him help!? Nikki’s horrified – is this deal worth risking a man’s life? This isn’t about Adam, it’s about stealing a company from our daughter! YOUR daughter encroached upon my deal, Victor rudely scans the contract – she didn’t know it ain’t over til it’s over – and this conversation is over (he leaves Nikki annoyed and on hold for Tara)

Jack leaves a message for Locke – you made your point, how do we rectify this? If we can’t find a factory to make our products this could be a fatal hit to Jabot. Kyle has good news – three factories are still running; we’ll amp up production. Jack winces at the thought of paying overtime. A lightbulb goes off over Kyle’s head – I just had an idea that might save Jabot!