Friday, April 23rd, 2021

Phone in hand, Billy looks like he’d rather be walking into a lion’s den (than Society) Taking a table with Lily, he updates on Locke’s heart attack, Victor stealing Cyaxeres from Vikki, and her banning her Father from NE. Lily’s only question is ‘how did you hear about all this’? Billy looks busted.

Nikki joins Vikki at TGP to ask what happened with Victor (since he won’t tell her) Losing Cyaxeres frees Vikki up to do what she wants – without her Father’s advice. I didn’t escalate the tension, I reacted to it, she corrects. No more ‘poor Adam’ – Dad can busy himself with the media company he got while its seller was at his most vulnerable; having a heart attack. What do you plan to do about it? Nikki asks.

Chelsea’s all smiles as she shows her talking/walking skills off for Nate. I’m getting stronger every day. Nate’s amazed – you’re on your way to a full recovery. Humble, he can’t take credit – don’t underestimate all you’ve accomplished (like driving Adam out of town, she thinks triumphantly to herself)

At CL’s, Faith updates her parents that the kids at school either whispered about her or ignored her. Then, Moses appeared to defend her. It meant a lot that he risked making an enemy on his first day at school. Sharon looks up to see Rey lurking on the patio.

Nate sympathizes with what Chelsea’s endured – is there any news on Adam? No – he’s vanished (to avoid being arrested for poisoning Rey) He hopes she has a good life wherever she resettles with Connor. As soon as Nate leaves, Chelsea hops out of her chair, hoping she can fool Rey too.

On the patio, Rey gets a call – what do you mean Adam’s nowhere to be found? Maybe I have to find him myself.

Nikki’s not sure what happened before she joined Locke and Victor. Vikki can speculate, and the big picture isn’t pretty. Your Father still owns Newman, Nikki reminds. That’s my name on the building too, Vikki’s learned from the master and will now take the company to new heights. She hopes her Mom’s onboard.

Back at Society, Billy relays following Vikki to the ranch. No, Lily doesn’t trust her motives, with good reason. Taking her hand across the table, Billy would rather focus his attention on Lily.

Turning on the charm, Billy wants to forget all about business. Lily smiles her approval.

Vikki can’t join her Mom for dessert, she has to meet Ted from legal to revise contracts. Sleep? that’s for weaklings, she jokes. Think about what I said, she bids her Mom a good night.

Faith updates her parents on her first therapy session – which included talk about Cassie, choices and taking responsibility. Going to fetch her books from a booth, Faith gets a text from Moses – then asks her parents if she can stick around to meet him.

Chelsea rants and raves to herself about wanting to get away from all these toxic people. Knock, knock. Come in, it’s open, she calls out. Rey’s puzzled – he thought she heard her talking to someone.

Nick greets Moses – he appreciates him looking out for his little girl – reminds me of your Dad. See you two later. He joins Sharon on the patio to hear that Rey moved out (after Adam interrupted a good talk they were having) Nick’s still conflicted about being grateful to Adam for saving Faith.

Chelsea’s embarassed that Rey caught her talking to herself (testing her voice) Adam tried to kill me and betrayed you; he needs to pay. Bring Connor back to GC; convince Adam that he’s sick. Use my son as bait?! oh, the horror, Chelsea’s outraged.

The answer is no – Chelsea filed a restraining order so Adam can’t visit Connor at school. He’d be completely safe and surrounded by undercover police, Rey whines. If your plan succeeds, Connor would be traumatized by hs Dad being carted off to jail! You haven’t thought about that? Chelsea’s full of scorn. Oh, you have but don’t care. Adam’s gotten so far under your skin that you’d risk tarnishing your reputation and integrity?