Friday, July 16th, 2021

In her suite, Amanda tells Devon that Victor understood that she was only doing her job, and now sincerely wants to help her. She trusts Victor but not herself (I’m not the best judge of character)

Back at Newman Media, Victor tells Sutton that Richard Neelon came to him for help (which he provided in the form of a PI) Unfortunately, it didn’t pan out, Sutton knows – but why are you telling me this? Victor received a letter from Richard shortly before he died; the contents will be of interest to Sutton.

Tara and Kyle wanted Harrison to spend time with Ashland – but not after the incident in the park. This isn’t about us, it’s about our son and his happiness. Tara’s reassured that Kyle feels the same way she does. He has to check-in at the office – we’ll come up with a plan later. Tara’s left looking pleased with herself.

At CL’s, Devon tells Lily that Mariah likely just wanted some time to herself. Getting a text from Amanda, he talks about how determined she is to find out what happened to her Father. Lily has some news; Billy’s kids will be staying with her and Billy practically full time. She thinks Vikki’s brave for taking Ashland in and encourages Billy to accept that Vikki and Ashland share a connection.

When Billy goes to pick up the kids, Ashland talks to him about his relationship with Vikki. You’re dying – why would you subject her to this pain? Billy’s blunt.

At TGP, Phyllis greets Tara warmly – I’ll keep you company til Lauren arrives. Summer’s having a great time in Milan. Here’s a picture, she shoves her phone in Sally’s direction. This time apart will make her and Kyle realize that they belong together; they’ll reconcile soon. Tara disagrees – Kyle won’t walk away from Harrison. Ashland’s ‘outburst’ in the park frightened my son. She and Kyle might seek sole custody. From a dying man? Phyllis sounds horrified. Lauren pops in to ask that Tara meet her in the restaurant. Tara can tell that Phyllis is a good Mother – sometimes we have to make hard decisions for our kids. Sometimes people get hurt. You and I aren’t that different from each other, Tara leaves Phyllis to tell Amanda that she’s doing a dance with that girl – we’re ‘out nicing’ each other. The lengths this girl will go through to get Kyle! This girl has wormed her way into the Abbott household. She’s using her son – Phyllis ‘can’t stand it’. Only she and Billy sees through her. We’re working together. She’s responsible for Summer moving to Italy. Amanda warns that Tara might leave town with Harrison. Be careful and don’t do anything rash. Phyllis vows to take that girl down. They then briefly discuss the case – Victor is Amanda’s ally.

Victor relays Richard’s letter – you told him that there’d be consequences to looking for his babies. Sutton denies that happened. We’ve always been amicable with each other, right? Victor’s cagey.

Ashland admits to Billy that he’s sick, but no one said anything about dying. Vikki joins them to say that nobody knows what the future holds; whatever happens, we want to go through it together. Billy can be OK with that as long as Vikki’s good nature isn’t taken advantage of. He’s very sorry for what Ashland’s going through – I’ll go get the kids.

Phyllis comes back from dealing with a customer complaint to say that Victor’s very good at finding the weakness in others. When Sally sashays in, Phyllis says that she’s staying out of her and Jack’s relationship (for preserve her own relationship with Jack)

Lauren reappears to quietly ask Tara if something’s going on between her and Phyllis. Tara hates feeling responsible for Summer leaving – she and Phyllis are becoming friends. Lauren says her friend is amazing (but don’t get on her bad side)

After Sally leaves for her date with Jack, Phyllis tells Amanda that something is going on; Tara and Sally both benefited from Summer leaving; one got her man, the other one got her job (and Phyllis will prove it)

After settling the kids in upstairs, Billy tells Lily that he feels for everything Ashland’s going through. He credits Lily with his surprising display of maturity.

As soon at Kyle returns, Tara thanks him for coming home (as summoned) so fast. She’s made a decision.

Vikki serves Ashland his favourite wine. He’ll make the toast (if he can find adequate words to express his appreciation) He gets a call from his lawyer – Tara filed for sole custody.

At Society, Jack tells Sally that she looks ‘lovely’ – both are glad they decided to do this. Outside, Phyllis gapes through the window.

Back in TGP lounge, Amanda’s talking to Devon about the one and only topic she ever talks about. She tells Devon that she’s sure Victor will get info from Sutton.

Victor has no reason to lie to Sutton and is no friend of Amanda’s. But, there is that letter (its contents are of great value to you) You and I know how these things work. The letter’s yours for the right price.