Friday, July 16th, 2021

Billy slams into the condo to tell Lily that Vikki dropped a bombshell that almost made his head explode – Ashland’s moving in with her. Of course Lily’s OK with the kids coming over more. She’s sorry to hear that Ashland is indeed dying. Vikki doesn’t know what she’s setting herself up for, Billy frets.

At home, Vikki introduces Johnny and Katie to someone very special to her. Yes, I’m Mommy’s close friend, Ashland smiles. Do you like playing with dolls? Katie asks. Why Yes! Ashland does. The kids are fine with spending more time at Dad’s – can we go play now? After they run out, Ashland winces in pain.

Kyle tells Jack that due to the park incident, Tara wants to limit Ashland’s time with Harrison. That’s an aggressive move, Jack comments.

On the CL’s patio, Amanda’s sure that Victor will find something that will push Sutton into a corner; make him confess or slip up.

Yes, Amanda’s becoming quite a problem. At Newman Media, Sutton asks Victor if he really has a solution. Yes, Victor does – guaranteed.

Billy’s concerned; Vikki hasn’t known Ashland very long. He suspects it’s to seal the deal. Declaring Vikki a good Mom, Lily’s sure she’ll handle the situation and prioritize the kids. Appreciating Lily’s support, Billy will go get the kids tonight – after he goes to handle a few things. Lily’s left frowning.

Back at Vikki’s, Ashland’s feeling better and glad the kids didn’t witness this odd ‘attack’. No, Vikki’s not having second thoughts – she’s lucky to spend every moment she can with Ashland (who feels he doesn’t deserve her)

Harrison was scared, Kyle defends Tara’s position. Having seen the video, Jack sympathizes with Ashland – he was trying to shield his son. Advising Kyle to prioritize Harrison, Jack leaves confident that Kyle will make the right decision. Tara eavesdrops as he leaves.

Glad to see Jack at CL’s, Sally has a question for him; whipped cream or foam? Neither – he’s a purist when it comes to coffee. Is this awkward banter leading to you asking me out again? Sally’s pleased when Jack invites her out tonight. After Sally runs out, Phyllis enters. But no, she has nothing to say about Sally (to Jack)

Tara tells Kyle that poor Harrison had another nightmare and woke up crying. This reinforces her decision to restrict Ashland’s visitation.