Thursday, July 15th, 2021

Encountering Victor at Society, Jack needles him about having no company to run, while Vikki and Ashland are merging theirs. Victor chuckles – you know damn well that merger wouldn’t have happened without me.

At NE, Nikki suggests Vikki give her Father a call. Naw – he’s likely busy holding Adam’s hand. Plus, she has another announcement – Ashland’s moving in with me.

On the CL’s patio, Phyllis reports back to Billy – Tara’s got her sights set on Kyle. She’s a piece of work, they agree. Sensing Sally lurking in the background, Phyllis turns – can I help you??

After Abby shares her concern with Ben, Tessa comes in to be introduced to Stitch. Mariah says wonderful things about you. Yes, she talked about you too, Tessa looks worried.

Devon agrees that Victor might be able to help Amanda – call him.

‘Nice to see you Jack’, Victor dismisses him when Amanda calls to ask if he’ll help her ‘find closure’.

Vikki’s not looking for her Mother’s approval (or anyone else’s) Just wanting her happiness, Nikki thinks Vikki should let Billy know. Yes, and he’ll have enough opinions for both of you, Vikki concludes wryly.

Sorry to intrude, Sally will let Jack know she ran into Phyllis and Billy. After she leaves, Phyllis vows to put a stop to ‘double trouble’.

Amanda relays Sutton’s threat to Devon (that she doesn’t want to be the one to disappoint him) I’ll watch my back, she tells Devon not to worry (which is exactly what he’s left at the penthouse to do)

Ben tells Abby that he was offered a job at GCM. Her reaction’s interrupted when the subject is changed to Mariah. Tessa can’t help but worry that someone took her. Abby’s jaw drops.

Abby also worries that something’s happened to Mariah – but who would abduct her and why? Ben doesn’t think they should go there just yet. But does she have any enemies? Mariah did a lot of sketchy things in her past – there was Ian Ward, then the guy who threw a brick at a CL’s window. Ben wonders if one of Tessa’s fans might be the culprit (which greatly alarms her)

Sally drops by the Abbott mansion to warn Tara that she might have a bigger problem (than herself)

Phyllis has a feeling that Sally and Tara’s eyes and ears are always on them – but they’re not in our league. What strange bedfellows we are. Not really, Billy reminds that he had relations with both Phyllis and Summer. Their common goal is to protect her, Jack and Kyle. Take no prisoners, they clink coffee mugs.

Enjoying their lunch at Society, Nikki brings up the topic Victor’s been avoiding, Vikki’s relationship with the likely-soon-to-be deceased Ashland. When Victor claims to be too busy to call his daughter, Nikki leaves in a huff. What the hell happened? he’s left with the bill and astonishment.

Billy’s at NE to find out what Vikki thinks of Ashland’s ex. She has something more important to discuss. Can Billy take the kids more? Sure – but he’s incredulous to hear she’s ‘kicking them out’ because she’s invited a dying man to stay with her.

In exchange for telling Tara that Phyllis and Billy are conspiring, Sally wants a favour – do something about Phyllis trashing me to Jack every chance she gets.