Tuesday, July 20th, 2021

At the house, Kyle plans to remind Jack how opportunistic Sally is. He wants to know why she flew back to LA, the city she supposedly hates.

Sally went to LA to visit friends and take a couple of meetings to promote JVC. Kyle should stop blaming Summer leaving on anyone else (other than his connection to Tara and Harrison)

Bumping into Lily at the park, Moses needs some advice regarding girls – one girl – Faith.

Why didn’t you tell me that Ashland moved in with Vikki? Victor scolds. Nikki’s come around to Vikki’s way of thinking and now supports him moving in with Vikki.

Back at the condo, Vikki tells Billy that she has strong feelings for Ashland. Billy’s sad that she won’t have much time with him. Vikki admits that the urgency has deepened her feelings for Ashland.

Phyllis misjudged Tara’s intentions – but not Sally’s. I think she had something to do with Summer going to Italy. Do with that advice what you will, Phyllis says as she scurries off to the kitchen when Sally arrives to remind Tara that they’re in this together. If one goes down, the other follows. Phyllis watches.

Tara comes home to hear about Ashland storming in, making some accusations, then storming out. She thinks it’s time they tell Harrison about his Father’s illness. But Ashland wants to be the one to tell him (and Kyle thinks he has a point) Tara suggests they go figure it out over a nice lunch.

Moses wants to be more than friends with Faith; she really gets me. What’s the issue? Lily wonders. Faith wants to go slow – Moses fears he’ll end up in the friend zone. Lily gives him some good advice on what girls like. Getting an idea, Moses agrees to keep Lily posted. Now alone, Moses leaves a message for Devon – I need your help.

Meeting at Society, both Vikki and Ashland grumble about Tara. Unable to find his ex, Ashland fears he won’t be the one to tell Harrison that he’s sick. Vikki gripes about Tara agreeing to joint custody, now going for sole. It’s disgusting. No judge will take a dying man’s son away from him. Accepting treatment might help your cause. This situation is becoming unbearable, he pounds his fist on the table. Oh look – here’s Tara and Kyle.

Victor can’t believe that Nikki approves of Ashland moving in with Vikki. He’s not opposed to an affair – but Vikki will have her heart broken. She’s selflessly helping a man say goodbye, Nikki’s proud of their daughter.

Just ignore them – don’t do anything you’ll regret, Vikki coaches. Ashland won’t regret this (he marches over to Tara and Kyle’s table. Vikki jumps in to defend Ashland (who suddenly starts gasping for air) You really want Harrison watching you struggle to breathe? This isn’t over, Ashland exits with Vikki. Kyle pledges his unwavering support – we’ll battle him together; he’ll do anything to keep his son safe, and that includes protecting Tara.

Lily comes back after getting her chores done. Billy says that he and cleared things up – she’s met her match in Ashland Locke. Lily’s heart goes out to her. Billy feels blessed to have his soulmate sitting right here.

OK, you convinced me – Victor’s ready to visit Summer in Italy (then Noah)

Ashland’s been feeling emotional these days. You always know what to say to me; he’s so happy to have found Vikki !kiss!

Back at Society, Tara’s reminded of her time in NY with Kyle. He remembers it as ‘careless and shady’. Tara’s sure they’d have had a happy life if they’d stayed together; Harrison would be bilingual. Hey – look at you two laughing and carrying on – don’t let me interrupt, Phyllis says after interrupting.