Tuesday, July 20th, 2021

Nikki’s in a panic at the ranch – Victor! The car’s here. Where are you!??

Victor’s visiting Vikki at her place. She thanks him for the congratulatory bouquet. He fishes for info on whose idea the merger was.

Ashland bellows his way into the Abbott home looking for Tara (wanting to see Harrison) Tara took him to a playdate, Kyle says with forced patience. Are you trying to keep my son from me during my last days??

Katies on the bus to camp – Johnny’ still not feeling well. Billy has to wonder if it the effects of all these changes the past few days.

Phyllis is at TGP having a video chat with Summer. Tara’s ensconced at the Abbott home – like one of these feeder fish that latches onto a whale. The Abbott’s will see her true colours soon, Phyllis can promise that.

Victor doesn’t want to argue with Vikki – he also doesn’t want her to get hurt by allowing the dying man to move in with her. Assuring her Father that everything’s fine here, Vikki tells him to enjoy his trip to Italy. Exchanging I love you’s, Victor leaves.

Ashland blasts Kyle for Tara seeking sole custody. Harrison’s been having bad dreams – Tara just wants to protect him. Watching your visible decline will be hard on him. Tara has a point. Ashland wants to be the one to tell his son that he’s sick. Tell me again who’s being the unreasonable one???

On videochat with her Mom, Summer notes how nice she was to Tara. You’re up to something, she’s sure. I can’t see or hear you anymore, Phyllis ends the chat abruptly to sympathize with Tara and make a confession: I only pretended to befriend you.

Johnny’s sensitive to change – he knows there’s more going on that he’s being told. Lily just wants to provide a safe haven for Billy’s kids.

When Vikki drops by the condo, Lily politely leaves for the office. Billy saw a different side of Locke – I was wrong to question your decision to take Locke in. And if you need anything. Question – if he weren’t dying would you see a future with him??

Phyllis is protective of Jack and Kyle – she doesn’t want to see them taken advantage of (and is sorry for projecting her own history onto Tara) Thanks for listening to me, Phyllis gives Tara a tip – avoid Sally Spectra like the plague.