Wednesday, July 21st, 2021

Sorry. No time for spellcheck. Monday’s show did record but I barely had time to post today’s recap so watching Monday’s isn’t an option tonight. But I will be watching it ASAP because I’m curious as to what incriminating info Victor tricked Sutton into confessing to.

At TGP, Amanda introduces Mike to her colleague Imani. We have crucial new information – a recording that indicates Sutton Ames is responsible for the death of Richard Nealon. Wait a minute, Mike connects the dots – you’re now representing your Mother, who confessed to keep your grandfather out of prison? Yes – and the murder victim was my (and Hilary’s) Father – the lies and secrets end now.

Tessa comes home to hear about Abby’s terrible, vivid dream. She awoke with an epiphany; there’s something very wrong with Mariah’s situation.

On the CL’s patio to meet Elena, Nate gets a text saying she was called into work. Moses isn’t here either – but Nate doubts he’d miss an opportunity to see her.

At the penthouse, Moses talks to Devon about a low-key way to show Faith how much he likes her. A band she likes is headlining a New Hope charity concert. He’s thrilled when Devon offers backstage passes. Great, but Moses has one more favour to ask.

Well, that was something, Mike comments on the recording. Amanda knows it’s not admissible or proof – but it does make it clear that Sutton killed Richard to protect his political career from Naya’s secret. She’s glad to have met her Mother and sister, and for Victor’s support. Wanting to see justice done, Mike wants Naya brought to his office.

Is there some reason Mike can’t meet Naya immediately? Naya was willing to sacrifice herself to save her Father – getting her to recant her confession will take some convincing. Mike’s no stranger to family dynamics when it comes to crime. Amanda asks for a day or two. Mike’s OK with that – in the meantime, he’ll issue a warrant for Sutton.

Stopping by Faith’s table on his way out, Nate’s happy to hear that Moses is on his way.

Thanking Devon, Moses leaves the penthouse.

Nina joins Abby and Tessa as they fret about Mariah. Why did she refer to the baby as ‘your child’? Does she regret being a surrogate? She’s never said anything like that to me, Tessa tells Abby (as Nina opens the door to let Ben in) Is this a bad time? he asks. No, it’s a perfect time, Nina’s the one to answer.

Shortly after Moses joins her on the patio, Faith’s excited when she looks inside to see Devon chatting with two singers from her favourite band in the entire universe (Tiger Lily) Yes, she wants Moses to see if he’ll make introductions.

Sitting in on the debate, Ben agrees with Tessa that the wording of Mariah’s text seems off. Abby worries – maybe this is all too much for her.

Now upstairs, Imani praises the way Amanda bought time before taking Naya to see Mike (since she’s not answering text messages) We need to find her before Sutton does, Amanda’s determined. Imani can’t believe her grandfather convinced their Mother to sacrifice her future for Sutton. Amanda knows this must be hard for Imani (who’s horrified by her grandfather’s recorded words) Amanda won’t rest until Sutton pays for what he’s done. You’ll land on your feet – and Amanda might be able to help with that.

Your lyrics really spoke to me when I was going through a rough time, fangirl-Faith is delighted to take a selfie with her idols, accepts an invitation to watch Tiger Lily’s concert backstage, then is thrilled when they sing a new song acapella. Leading the two ladies out of CL’s, Devon shares a discreet thumbs-up with Moses.