Thursday, September 16th, 2021

Seconds later, Mariah’s with Tessa at the park – what’s wrong with me!? I tried. I really tried. Their talk of family and efforts to include me made things worse. I can’t be around the baby without my heart shattering into a million pieces. I can’t do this!

Hearing that Mariah’s still struggling, all vow to show her love and support – she shouldn’t come home to find us dissecting her behavior. On cue, Mariah hopes she didn’t ruin the day. Please continue to celebrate, she goes upstairs. Nikki and Victor leave, followed by Ashley and Jack. Devon walks Amanda out – he wants to stay to make sure Mariah’s OK. He and Abby are surprised when she comes down with her luggage (and Tessa) We’re moving out – she’ll continue to pump her milk for Dominic. I can’t stay here anymore, she tears up.

Back at the ranch, Victor again complains about Abby having to do everything alone, poor girl. He sees dark clouds over the horizon. Mariah? Nikki guesses.

Home with Jack, Ashley feels terrible for Mariah. But you’re also worried about how this will affect Abby and your new grandchild, Jack guesses.

Abby’s not upset about the party. Stay, she implores of Mariah – nothing’s changed. For you, Mariah confesses – everything changed for her after she gave birth in that room. Swiping tears, Abby wants to help – I’m forever grateful to you. Mariah knows that – but there’s nothing you can do. I was the one to carry that baby and promise to protect him. She can’t stay and pretend it isn’t killing her. It physically hurts. I can’t stay here anymore. All she wants to do is be a Mother to her Bowie.

Jack tells Ashley that Mariah carrying Dominic was a selfless act. She’s not just Abby’s surrogate, she’s part of the family. Ashley reluctantly agrees – Abbott’s take care of family, even when it’s challenging.

Back at the ranch, Victor’s uneasy about the emotionally unstable Mariah staying at Abby’s. Nikki hopes she’ll muster up her strength to help Mariah heal. I love you. I love you too.

Abby’s so sorry Mariah’s going through this. Of course, Mariah can say goodbye to Dominic – take all the time you need. She, Devon and Tessa watch as she says goodbye. You and me will always be connected; a special bond like nobody else. When I’m stronger I’ll come over and be part of your life. I love you so much *sniffle*

Tomorrow: I was hoping since you’re planning to put some roots down in GC that you’ll move in with me, Devon invites Amanda … I’m not saying it’s going to be easy but it’ll be a path forward, Mariah tells Tessa that she thinks they should have a baby of their own … 5 million by the of the day? Ashland sounds incredulous. Yes, then I’ll be out of your life and you can die knowing your secret is safe, the other elderly white man seated at Society replies.