Wednesday, September 15th, 2021

At Vikki’s house, Nick can’t believe that she’s OK with Ashland’s ‘erased’ past. She vows that nothing and no one will change her love for him.

Lily grills Billy – would he be this relentless if Ashland was with someone other than Vikki?? No, he wouldn’t care one bit, Ashland appears at ChanceCom to say. Asked to give them privacy, Lily exits with ‘you both care about Vikki and want what’s best for her.’ Ashland suggests Billy listen to his ‘smart woman’ and stop digging. Billy refuses – he’s convinced there’s a lot more to learn about Ashland Locke.

Adding a platter of baked goods to her display at CL’s, Sharon gets a call from Adam; he’s going to have his talk with Connor. Wished ‘good luck’, Adam says he’ll need it. Asked to take a seat (at the penthouse) Connor correctly guesses this is about his Mom.

Running into Nate at Society, Victor grumbles about his meeting being canceled – but will take the opportunity to talk to Nate (who obediently ‘takes a seat’)

Your Mom and I won’t be living together, Adam breaks the news to Connor. No, it’s not your fault. People grow apart. Try harder! You promised! Connor doesn’t it well. Adam suggests they go talk to a friend who’ll help them with this.

Back at Society, Victor and Nate discuss Nikki’s fundraising for the new wing at Memorial. His impression of Ashland? Nate likes him – he and Elena will be going to the wedding. If Ashland’s lucky he’ll be able to celebrate his one-year anniversary (the prognosis is not good)

Vikki admires Ashland’s perseverance; he didn’t let his past define his future and became a wonderful Father. Nick thinks it weird that he won’t tell them his real name. Vikki asks him to leave and pretend this conversation never happened.

Billy’s gut tells him that Ashland’s hiding something that could hurt Vikki and the kids. He’s also more suspicious after Ashland told them tidbits of his past. You don’t want me for an enemy, Ashland exits.

When Sharon takes a seat beside Adam, Connor’s not receptive – at all. You told her?! Why do you always call ‘her’ when there’s a problem? Lots of people are ‘trained’ to do what you do. After hearing his Mom talking about ‘you two’, Connor wonders if ‘she’s’ the reason his parents are breaking up.

Vikki respects me, Ashland thinks Billy should be more worried about alienating her. And Lily must be thrilled with your obsession with Vikki’s relationship with me. Again threatened to drop it, Billy asks what Ashland can possibly do to stop him. You don’t want to find out, Ashland says, then exits.

Nick continues to express his concern for Vikki – something about this isn’t right. Billy cares about you too. Mom and Dad’s minds might be at ease but Nick’s isn’t. He knows Vikki must have questions – talk to me.

OK, Vikki confides that she feels another shoe is about to drop. That said, she knows Ashland (and the man behind the name) She doesn’t appreciate her family and Billy creating such distrust. I have so many questions, she then admits.