Thursday, September 16th, 2021

At the ranch, Nikki’s got a bunch of gifts – it’s not every day we have a baptism in the family, she flashes back to gushing over Nick as an infant. Agreeing to pick up some custom-made cupcakes at Society, Victor grumbles about Chance not seeing his son until he starts pre-school – where IS he??

Heading to the chapel to take care of things, Ashley orders Abby to put her phone away. Going with her, Nina tells Abby to listen to her Mother. Passing the grandmothers on his way in, Jack’s thrilled for Abby and can already see that she’ll make a wonderful Mother.

On the CL’s patio, Mariah tells Tessa that she’s feeling better about things and glad to be Dominic’s Godmother. That said, she again gets prickly when Tessa sounds ‘relieved’ – did you think I wouldn’t be able to handle today???

When did you get here? Devon’s surprised when Amanda comes downstairs wearing his shirt (she slipped in when he was at the market) Care to come up and welcome me home from my trip? He drops whatever’s in the paper bag and runs past Amanda to lead the way.

In the park, Ashley and Victor discuss the daughter they’re both proud of. If only we could bring Chance back. His assignment IS taking too long, she agrees. Victor suggests they put their heads together to come up with something.

Back downstairs, Amanda tells Devon that her trip with Naya and Imani was great. Her Mother has a condition with a long name that’s exacerbated by stress. Now, how’s the baby? Devon boasts that he was able to calm Dominic down when no one else could. Hearing that the baptism’s today, Amanda would love to go.

Still at the house, Abby and Jack talk about Mariah. She’s asked for a leave of absence; Jack’s not surprising but it’s not like her. Mariah’s strong and her Mom’s a professional counselor, he then hears that Abby hired the perfect nanny – Dominic will be in good hands when I can’t be with him.

Mariah gets why Tessa would be concerned, especially when she admitted to partially blaming Abby for what Stitch did to her. I felt like I was drowning and having irrational thoughts. I’m better now that I have an official role (as Godmother) Tessa’s glad – refill for the road? Once alone, Mariah looks as depressed as she was before.

The minister directs Abby, Devon and Mariah where to stand then welcomes all (the camera pans to no one). The ceremony is quick and easy (the hardest part being the Priest having to remember all Dominic’s last names) Seconds later, everyone’s back at the estate to toast to the good health of Dominic. Mariah continues to toggle between forced smiles and heartbreak.

Victor tells the story of being the first one to hold Abby. Devon was the first to hold Dominic. Nina praises him, then Mariah’s incredible bravery and that Chance would be here if he could. After all list ways in which the families are ‘family, Mariah drops her glass and can’t apologize enough before Tessa whisks her out.