Monday, September 20th, 2021

Gains likes the nice life Ashland’s 300K a year has afforded him. In exchange for his continued silence, he wants 10 years of payments in one lump sum (since he can’t have what should have been his) 3 million cash, by the end of the day. Then you can die knowing your secret will be safe.

You think I sounded over the top? Vikki’s sorry if her enthusiasm got the better of her. She wonders how Phyllis and Nick haven’t imploded – have you changed or is Nick more of a saint? Quickly agreeing that they can’t be friends, Phyllis is relieved when Jack arrives. Jack!! she loudly calls him over. How’s the bride to be today? he asks. Great – Vikki hurries off to an appointment. Jack announces that he came to see Phyllis.

Imani turns up on Amanda’s door nearly having a panic attack. It’s about Mom!!

As Mariah naps, a devastated Tessa gets a text from Abby asking how she is. She’s napping, seems OK, Tessa lies.

Imani’s sorry – I’m a mess. Finding out about their Mom’s heart condition has her distraught. She appreciates that Amanda’s already reached out to Nate. Both are glad to have a sister to lean on.

Of course Phyllis would love to go to Milan on Jack’s jet (instead of Victor’s) though she’ll have to confirm with Nick. He’s happy to see Kyle in love. Phyllis knows Jack wants that for himself, she’s been thinking about what he said the other night.

The company’s under heavy scrutiny due to the merger, Ashland can’t come up with the money tonight. He’ll settle things after the wedding. Nope; Gains will only wait until tomorrow. OK, Ashland will take care of it – don’t contact me again. Coming back for more would be the biggest mistake of your life. Billy watches through the window.

When Imani suggests some sister time (room service and a movie) Amanda calls Devon to let him know. Thrilled for her sister, Imani thinks Devon a lifetime catch. Yes, I’m a lucky woman. Amanda knows.

Mariah awakens to Tessa’s strumming; the best sound to wake up to. The rest did Mariah good – and knowing we have a plan to work towards is a great weight taken off. Oh, you’re not onboard with having a baby, she realizes.

Phyllis loves Jack too. He knows it’s not the same thing but appreciates the sentiment. It IS the same thing, Phyllis assures him. You’ll always be in my heart, permanently. Keep that knowledge with you, OK? Jack nods.

When Ashland returns to NE, a busy Vikki doubts she’ll be able to go out for dinner. Ashland wants their wedding day to go smoothly. The wedding’s just one day, it’s the marriage that really matters, Vikki points out. Even after all I told you about my past, you still have doubts about me, Ashland realizes.

Tessa has no problem with the idea of having a baby – but for the right reasons. She’s trying to think of what’s best for Mariah. I really need this, Mariah pleads with her eyes.

Ashland wants to spend the rest of his life with Vikki. He opened up with everyone to avoid the look he just saw in her eyes. She’s trying to take it all in. What can he do to reassure her? She hopes there’s no surprises. He promises – you know every important thing there is to know about me.

When Nick arrives at TGP, Phyllis has no trouble convincing him to come on Jack’s jet to Italy. Jack then leaves Nick to express his doubts to Phyllis. He’s been thinking about digging into Ashland’s but fears Vikki will be furious. Phyllis thinks Nick should follow his instincts. There’s two ways to go about this – save your sister from potential disaster or be nice and polite and do nothing. I know what I’d do.