Tuesday, September 21st, 2021

Today’s show is mostly Jack having a dream – then telling Nick that he told Phyllis that he still loves her.

Moping over a wedding invitation addressed to ‘Jack and Guest’, Jack declines Traci’s invitation to visit Abby and the baby with her. Whining about having to go to yet another wedding ‘solo’, he’s left to say to the empty living room – my son’s getting married and I’m still single. He’s startled, then comforted by his Mother’s voice – they grow up so fast, don’t they?

Jack now talks to a framed photo of Dina – who talks back – she’ll have a ‘birds-eye view’ of her grandson’s wedding. As for Jack – he should follow his heart. Magically teleported to Abby’s living room, Jack watches (along with Traci) as she cradles Dominic, hoping he’ll grow up to have as big a heart as his Uncle Jack.

Isn’t it miraculous Uncle Jack? Abby asks. Yes, it is, and you’re such a natural, he marvels. You can feel the love, Traci gushes. An emotional Jack promises to keep his family safe – I’ll never let anyone break your heart. You can’t keep that promise, Traci coaches – heartbreak is part of the human experience. You love to be in love. Jack never found the right person. Are you sure? Traci asks. A loud heartbeat cues the arrival of Phyllis appearing to blow him a kiss. Poof – she’s gone. More words about love from Traci. Nick appears to spin Jack around. He’s pissed.

Jack’s back home to be blasted by imaginary Nick. Did you really think I wouldn’t find out!? You’re doing more than ‘yearning’. How could you do this?! I haven’t done anything, Jack protests. He was just being honest about his feelings. Why would you tell Phyllis you’re in love with her – what’s wrong with you?! Nick fumes. Phyllis appears to say she appreciated Jack voicing his truth. Jack agrees with Nick – he should have let go of Phyllis. Sally’s there to agree. We could have had a chance. I would have loved you way more than your ex ever did.

Big mistake – you could have THIS instead, Sally’s ever so humble – we could have been GC’s power couple. What we had was magical. At least SHE knows when it’s time to move on (unlike Jack) Wow, you’re good – but Jack knows it was Sally lies and deception that tanked their relationship. When Nick brings up Summer, Sally scoffs – a dream job in Italy – how WILL she survive? Jack agrees with her – you did have potential. You have a moral compass but forgot to look at it. Let’s be honest, Sally didn’t do anything as bad as Phyllis – why does she get a pass? ‘Because she’s Phyllis’, Jack and Nick reply in unison. You don’t have a date for the wedding – maybe you should ask Phyllis, Sally taunts. Don’t even think about it, Nick growls.

Nikki! What the hell are you doing? Jack’s now at the ranch to grab her vodka bottle. Taking the bottle away doesn’t stop someone from drinking, she snaps. What’s Victor done now? Nothing – Victor and I have been happy for years. We have each other – you have nothing. You’ve always been jealous of our love. And that’s why you hurt Nick. And now Phyllis has hurt him – again – thanks to you. How could you do this to him? Jack stands firm – his confession couldn’t break Nick and Phyllis up.

Still asleep at home, Jack’s dreams continue. And Nikki continues to rant ‘n rave about poor Nick. Jack defends himself – he’d had too much wine. His inhibitions were lowered. I never meant to harm anyone! And here’s Victor to pile on – he sees beneath Jack’s ‘sheen of respectability. He’s ruthless but wouldn’t ‘whisper sweet nothings’ into the ear of an ex who’s in a relationship. Nick will be fine – he changes women like he changes careers – but that doesn’t make what Jack did right. Everyone’s now gathered to blast Jack. He doesn’t think it’s anyone’s business. On and on it goes until Jack awakens with a start to rub his face. Pouring a drink, he takes out his phone to send a text – can we talk? It’s important.

At CL’s, Jack waits and flashes back to his confession to Phyllis. Nick arrives – how can I help? Listen. Jack explains that he was drinking and in a mood. I told Phyllis that I never stopped loving her. Nick knows – you’re an open book. You guys have been spending time together. It’s natural that Jack would be reminded of what he shared with Phyllis. He doesn’t feel threatened and appreciates Jack’s honesty (especially since he cheated with Phyllis while she was married to Jack) He acted on his feelings while Jack vows he wouldn’t. Nick’s sorry Jack hasn’t found a woman who loves him as much as he loves Phyllis – yet.

Hey baby, I thought you’d be here sooner, Phyllis is surprised to hear that Jack summoned Nick to CL’s because he had something weighing on his mind. He told me about telling you that he never stopped loving you.

Jack comes home to call Kyle – how’s Harrison? Excellent. We’re all looking forward to coming to Milan. Nick, Phyllis, Traci, Nikki, Victor – they’re all excited.

Phyllis is glad Jack told Nick – it was a burden keeping it to herself. He was drinking. It has nothing to do with me, with us. It caught Phyllis off-guard. Yes, she’s sure she didn’t know how Jack felt. You’re unforgettable, not easy to get over, Nick relays that Jack feels guilty for leaving him in the dark. They agree that he’s a gentleman. This has nothing to do with us and doesn’t change anything between us, Phyllis asserts – and shows him how ‘solid’ they are with a passionate kiss.

Still on the phone with Kyle, Jack informs that he won’t be bringing a date – but there’ll be a lot of love in Milan. Give Summer and Harrison a hug. See you soon. I love you too, he can barely get the words out. Dina’s voice soothes him – she’s sure Jack will find love again. I love you. I love you too Mother. He puts the framed photo back and looks heartbroken.