Monday, September 20th, 2021

Ashland admires the ‘perfect’ portrait up on the wall in Vikki’s office – it represents a new beginning for both of us, he pontificates. Vikki beams.

At CL’s, Billy agrees that Ashland dropped a bomb alright – but maybe not a truth bomb. He’s still trying to join forces with Nick. You’re no more satisfied with Ashland’s answers (or lack thereof) than I am. Nick sighs in agreement.

You really want me to move in with you? Amanda asks. Yes, Devon wants to spend every day with her. Amanda doesn’t need time to think about it. Yes ~kiss~

In their suite at TGP, Mariah’s sure that having another baby will solve all her problems. Still wet from her shower, Tessa clearly doesn’t love the idea.

Think about how great it’d be, Mariah’s enthusiastic. Tessa’s not so sure. Mariah WILL get therapy – but a baby is what she really needs.

You want us to have a child? Tessa doesn’t think Mariah’s ‘unpacked’ what she just went through. Mariah sits Tessa down as if to address her concerns (but doesn’t) My OBGYN said I shouldn’t get pregnant again for a year – she wants Tessa to experience pregnancy.

Back downstairs, Devon wants to put on some slow dance music. Hold that thought – Amanda needs to leave. I love you, he calls out.

Ashland has a few things to take care of – he’ll check in with Vikki later about dinner plans. He then types out a text – On my way.

Nick heard Ashland was so annoyed with Billy that he went to confront him. Yes and Billy’s even more convinced that he’s hiding something. Sure, he’s pissing Vikki off – but he’ll take the hit to protect his kids. Ashland won’t tell us his real name or say where he got money to buy those first stations. This is my kids’ future stepfather. Billy finds it very strange that Ashland turned his entire entity over to a woman he barely knows and is now marrying her. Everything about this guy is strange. Nick might be able to turn a blind eye, but Billy can’t.

Mariah will give Tessa a minute to wrap her head around it. We’ll talk about it when we’re both ready. Our first priority is to get over what you’ve been through, Tessa says gently. Reluctantly agreeing but happy, Mariah lays down for a nap. Tessa watches and turns away looking deeply troubled.

Nick’s glad when Rey comes to the coffee house. He wants to talk about Vikki’s fiance.

To what do I owe this divine honour? Phyllis greets Vikki. She’s at TGP for a facial. Phyllis plans to treat herself before heading to Milan for Summer and Kyle’s wedding; then to Tuscany for your wedding. Yes, Vikki’s excited. She’s never felt more positive, more secure or happy in her life. Ashland’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

Ashland sits with another old, white businessman at Society. You look well given your condition. What do you want Gains? Knowing his yearly pension will come to an end when Ashland dies, Gains wants to adjust their agreement. Calling the agreement blackmail, Ashland asks what exactly Gains wants.

Now on the patio with Rey, Nick needs his questions answered before Vikki marries Ashland. He told the family that he changed his name to escape his parents and his past. The speed of the merger and wedding caught the family off-guard. Rey’s not sure that’s enough to launch an investigation. Hearing that there’s no record of Ashland’s name change, Rey thinks he must have bent the rules. You need a new social security number etc. Hard to believe someone as public as Locke could keep this hidden. Nick has more questions than ever before.