Tuesday, November 23rd, 2021

Sharon’s too busy with boxes of food for the ‘unhoused and lonely’ to pour Phyllis coffee – help yourself though. If you need an extra set of hands, Phyllis’s offer surprises Sharon. Bringing in some more boxes through the patio, Nick updates that he’s sending a few vans of people from New Hope. No one should be alone today, Sharon comments. Happy Thanksgiving – Nick sees Phyllis behind the counter.

Nick knows where everything goes – it’s not his first Thanksgiving at CL’s. Happy to hear that Christian’s coming to volunteer (with Faith and Noah) Sharon’s again surprised by Phyllis (who suddenly has to go take care of hotel business) On the CL’s patio, Phyllis is even further in the dumps after a run-in with a jovial Billy.

Returning to TGP, Phyllis is accosted by Gloria (between spa treatments) Of course she’s not spending Thanksgiving alone – she’s off to have dinner with Kevin, Chloe and the kids. Are you alone today? Gloria chirps – at least you won’t have to fight anyone for a drumstick.

Thanks for coming, Phyllis enthusiastically spends a few moments with each guest leaving her restaurant. Then it’s upstairs to leave Summer a message, then a call to Daniel(!) before falling asleep with a bag of chips and a movie. Her nightmare begins when ‘Golden Glo’ comes banging at the door.

Not aware that she’s dreaming, Phyllis wonders if Golden Glo’s been sniffing bath salts in the spa. Watching true crime on TV is no way to usher in the holiday season! Teleported to CL’s, Phyllis is thanked by Sharon (for her support during her cancer) and by all the ‘unhoused’ she’s magnanimously fed. Suddenly, Golden Glo reappears to whisk her off to the ‘belly of the beast’ (the Newman ranch)

After the initial shock wears off, Phyllis has a marvelous Thanksgiving with Nick and his parents – you and your sage wisdom saved the family, they too heap praise upon her. Here’s to Phyllis, they all toast – Hip Hip Hoorays! (x3)

Jack’s with his sisters at Society – reuniting with a former lover can be so magical. She’s worth it, they all agree. Yeah, I am, Phyllis agrees. But wait, we’re not back together. Jack’s sure it’ll work this time. And here she is – Gloria, you made it! Phyllis is stunned when Gloria runs into Jack’s arms.

Phyllis takes ‘Golden Ghoul’ aside – some fairy Godmother you turned out to be! No longer happy with the way her dream’s going, Phyllis asks Billy what he’s doing here, at Society. No idea – it’s YOUR dream. Perhaps your guilt is busting through your subconscious. Or, maybe you miss Jack. Yes, he is amazing, but so are you. Phyllis sniffles.

Serene and objective, Billy thinks he may have had to blow things up with Vikki and Phyllis to have found happiness with Lily. Jack brings out the best in you. You’re more honest with him – you don’t lash out so much. You like who you are with him. How would I go about getting Jack back? Phyllis isn’t happy when Golden Glo snaps her fingers to return them to the hotel room. Billy was about to tell me how to fix my life. Can we go back?

There’s a knock at the door – what fresh hell is this? Phyllis jumps out of bed to answer it. Thomas wheels in a room service trolley. Dinner with all the trimmings. Go home to your family – Happy Thanksgiving, Phyllis thanks him.

Phyllis lifts the silver dome as she answers Jack’s call on her tablet. And though she’s in GC and he’s on the jet (on the tarmac) in Spain, they enjoy Thanksgiving dinner ‘together’. The staff said you hadn’t eaten after a rough day, Jack explains that Ashley’s in the airport. Happy Thanksgiving, they toast.

Next week – Amanda raises a glass – To Sinclair and Benedict, Attorney’s at Law. Hmm. Imani thinks maybe it should be Benedict and Sinclair … Jill has a request for Lily – I want you to take over for me, as head of Chancellor Industries …. Abby has questions for the woman she’s found – why didn’t he let you reach out to me? To let me know he was alive? Because that would have put you in incredible danger, Chance wanders out. Chance!!! Abby leaps into his arms. n