Monday, November 22nd, 2021

Relieved to find Lily at home, Billy knows she’s upset that he offered to step down from ChanceCom without consulting her. He just wanted to protect her and the company.

Surprised by Billy’s offer, Vikki wonders if Lily put him up to it. Ashland doesn’t think so. And, as he struggles to catch his breath, Lily runs around her desk to fuss over him.

Just a little heat rash, Elena confirms what the nanny already told Devon. He appreciates her coming by. It’s nice to see you like this, she smiles as he tends to Dominic.

The medication’s doing its job is all, Ashland picks up where he left off – it’s a bitter pill for Billy to swallow but he deserves everything he has coming to him. He’ll focus on staying healthy and leave Billy to Victor and Adam. Vikki has other ideas.

Victor respects you, Billy thinks he might leave Lily and ChanceCom alone. Nope, Adam already told her that they intend to buy the company at a discount. Lily loves Billy for wanting to protect her and ChanceCom but we need to sit down with our lawyers as a team – IF you’re capable of doing that.

Vikki realizes that her staying out of things gave Adam an opening – and boy, did he run with it. And, if Ashland’s the one taking all the risk and has all the leverage, why should Adam and Newman Media benefit the most? ChanceCom`was built around a division Vikki sold Billy – she’d like it back. Ashland loves his brilliant wife.

Sally’s summoned Chloe to Society to relay the good news that Adam wants to capitalize on all the buzz around her. Great – instead of interviewing other designers, Chloe thinks they should focus on Sally. But, hearing that Sally’s given up on any romance with Adam, she’s not buying it.

Back at the penthouse, Elena recalls how devastated Devon was after losing Hilary and their child. Now you have a life with Amanda, your brother and this little guy. Devon IS in a much better place. On cue, Amanda comes home to greet Elena and tell Devon that the jury’s ready to give their verdict on Sutton.

Devon comes downstairs as Amanda ends a call with Imani, arranging to meet at the courthouse (Naya doesn’t want to go) When Amanda worries that Sutton might go free, Devon reassures her.

Billy’s surprised when the Locke’s drop by. Ashland blathers on that it didn’t have to be this way – Vikki gripes about Billy using the media division she sold him against her and her husband. Does Billy regret his reckless, callous behavior? The Locke’s aren’t looking for an apology – they want to make an offer.

Running into Elena on the CL’s patio, Mariah sings Devon’s praises and claims she’s doing really, really well. Elena doesn’t look convinced.

Mariah just needed time to reacclimate herself – Tessa’s the best girlfriend anyone could ask for and it helps to have a therapist for a Mom. Elena’s glad to hear it.