Friday, November 26th, 2021

Returning to the jet, Jack’s convinced, after checking every hotel and restaurant, that Abby isn’t in Spain. Ashley believes she may be keeping a low profile. If she’s not here, where IS she!?

Abby fires questions at Kim. When can I see Chance? Everyone believes he’s dead. Please, take me to him! Of course, but there’s some things you need to know first.

At CL’s, Devon flashes back to the night Abby dropped Dominic off at his house. Nate joins him for chit chat about Thanksgiving and to hear how much Devon’s enjoying taking care of Dominic.

Continuing to fret about Abby, Jack gets a call from Phyllis – to thank him for the lovely Thanksgiving gesture and to wish him luck finding Abby. Thanks Red, Jack hangs up. Ashley hopes the next call brings info on Abby’s whereabouts.

Devon lights up as he talks to Nate about Dominic – though he hopes Abby comes back soon.

On speakerphone, Victor suggests Abby might be contacting people Chance served with in Iraq (since they found his military pin in the motel room) He’ll send Ashley and Jack a list once his team finishes compiling it. Be careful and be safe.

Explaining that Erol’s in Dublin on business, Kim tells Abby that an injured Chance came to them after the explosion. He’s experiencing rage and guilt over the death of his colleagues. Why didn’t he reach out to me? Abby wonders. Because he knew it would put you in danger, nuChance strolls out to say. Chance!!!! Abby leaps into his arms.

At TGP, Phyllis serves Amanda a Mimosa to celebrate Sutton being found guilty. Despite all he did to prevent it, Amanda marvels that she’s with her family anyway (and is richer for having Naya and Imani in her life) Phyllis is sure her Father’s looking out for (and is proud of) her.

Nate hopes Devon’s prepared for when he has to give Dominic back to Abby. Devon wants that – as soon as she can be the Mother Dominic deserves.

I was afraid I’d never see you again, Abby sniffles. You’re more beautiful than ever, Chance is so sorry he put her through all this. It’s too dangerous for you to be here. I’d never have stopped looking for you, Abby vows with a kiss.

Still on the jet, Jack claims to have conflicting feelings for Phyllis. Ashley doesn’t think he sounds conflicted – he sounds like a man falling back in love.

Amanda tells Phyllis that she was beaming when she walked in on her talking to Jack on the phone. Phyllis doesn’t understand her feelings for him; frankly, it scares the hell out of her.

Everyone thinks you died in that explosion; no one knows where I am, Abby insists that she was careful. Chance looks worried/intense as they embrace.

Victor drops by Devon’s to update that Christine’s not happy that Abby ignored her warnings and went to Spain. We’ll find her, he says with confidence.