Monday, November 29th, 2021

Nikki finds Victor brooding over his chessboard. He ignores a call from Newman enterprises – his only concern right now is finding Abby. Chance really is dead – he hasn’t contacted anyone he served in Iraq with.

Chance must track down the people who killed his team – they deserve nothing less. Abby fell in love with his sense of duty but this is revenge. We were so close to finding the ringleader of this criminal organization; Chance will soon receive his next orders from his section chief – I have to stay.

Over tea at home, Lily has no intention of cutting Billy loose – she loves her partner. When Jill’s arrival interrupts, Lily has more nice things to say. Jill’s not surprised that Billy didn’t know his siblings were in Spain – you were too busy tanking my media division.

Arriving at Society, Adam gets a call – he’s not surprised to hear that his Father’s not answering calls, he’s a busy man. Thanks, I’ll let him know ~click~

Inside with Ashland, Vikki’s not checking her phone for confirmation that Jill’s been told about their offer to buy ChanceCom; she was hoping for an update from her Father. Speaking of – we should be the ones to tell them we’ve offered to drop the lawsuit in exchange for buying ChanceCom. When Adam comes in to glare at them, Vikki suspects he already knows.

Of COURSE Chance wants to be home with his wife and son – but he must avenge the dead men and women he survived; they had families too. Abby’s heart breaks for them – but you need to come home to YOUR family; to me – and your son.

ChanceCom’s taken a hit Billy admits. He’s unpleasantly surprised to hear that Lily called Jill. Someone had to (since Billy’s been dogging her calls) The world keeps right on turning even though we’re grieving, she sighs. Yes, and that’s why Lily called – we have to decide the future of ChanceCom.

Vikki thinks the lunch special sounds good. And what is the catch of the day? Adam snaps – ChanceCom? He’s lost his appetite. Is it true? Did Newman Locke offer to buy ChanceCom? Knowing that an employee tipped them off, Vikki will have HR remind staff of their NDA’s. You swore you were onboard with Media Newman’s plan, Adam directs his ire towards Ashland – we even kept you in the loop when you were having treatment in Peru!

Abby knows how hard this must be for Chance; grieving the loss of his team. Yes – she DOES understand – she’s been grieving the loss of HIM. Chance was trained to complete his missions no matter what – I’m the only one who knows what they look like; he’s torn. Hoping he’ll change his mind after a nap, she leads him off to bed.

Jill scolds Billy for being so blinded by his hatred for Victor and Adam that he believed the word of a blackmailer. You swore you were up to the challenge of running my media division. Lily’s sure Jill’s exhausted. Yes, she finds Billy’s excuses exhausting.

You coordinated this elaborate takedown of ChanceCom, Vikki points out. Adam wonders if her new husband planned this (and played them) all along – for him and Victor to do the ‘heavy lifting’ so he could scoop in for the kill. Vikki finds that ridiculous – Ashland’s filing a costly/public lawsuit all while fighting for his life, so back off. ChanceCom was originally Newman Media so we have every right to take it back. No, she’s NOT trying to save Billy or his job. Ashland finally chimes in – IF we made an offer it’s because it’s best for OUR company. He held up his end of the bargain – now ChanceCom is fair game. This was your idea, Adam accuses Vikki – who dismissively tells him to have a nice day.