Monday, December 13th, 2021

Good morning – Billy hears that Lily was up all night thinking of ideas to modernize Chancellor Industries. He loves to see her so excited. Lily really wishes Billy would agree to be her COO. He grins mischievously.

In his office, Adam receives a video entitled – watch this – Billy Abbot, yesterday. Victor comes in to thank him for hiring Noah to do some freelance work for Newman Media. What are you looking at? Adam just received a candid video of Billy. Both have seen the ‘loser’ day-drinking within the last few days. Vikki must agree, considering what she’s about to do, Victor adds.

At NE, Vikki finds Ashland on his phone – this must be handled with the utmost discretion, immediately. Go through me only, NOT Newman Locke, he instructs. I’ll be in touch ~click~ Vikki comes in to remind Ashland that she’s his wife and partner. Surely, you can tell me. I’m afraid I can’t, Ashland replies.

Chelsea surprises her BFF at Society. So, tell me – what did I miss? she asks Chloe with a smile.

I’ve missed you. I’ve missed you too. No, Chelsea didn’t tell Adam that she’s coming home (though claims that she tried to) He’s at war with Billy, Chloe informs.

Billy will be Lily’s personal consultant, day or night – I’m all yours. But, he won’t come to work with her at CI because he’s focused on his Victor/Adam plan.

Ashland reminds Vikki of the other time she caught him on the phone; he claimed to be buying her a gift, but was really paying off Gaines. This time he actually was caught arranging a gift for her. He feels happy and strong – thanks to Vikki and his new treatment. She needs to speak to Billy – he won’t like hearing that she’s sending the kids to boarding school; and that he’s the reason.

Victor informs Adam that Vikki’s enrolling Katie and Johnny in boarding school. Billy’s drinking will lead to gambling, he’s sure. They agree that he needs to be ‘put in his place’.

Putting the menu aside, Chelsea would rather hear what’s new. Sally’s really good – we’ll be unstoppable, Chloe hopes her ‘bestie’ will come to work soon. Chelsea’s focus is Connor right now.

Adam has no idea who sent him the video of Billy. Be careful, Victor warns – last thing we need is another greedy, blackmailing bastard, he leaves for a meeting. Adam’s left to text whoever sent him the video. The mystery person doesn’t want anything (except to help)

The mystery blond takes a seat at CL’s as Vikki comes in to chat with Billy (who’s eager to start drinking and gambling; as he’s sure she expects) Vikki announces that she thinks the kids should go to boarding school. You think or you’ve already decided, Billy seems to know the answer already.

Chelsea drops by the ranch to surprise Nikki – who can’t wait to see Connor. Understanding her concern, Chelsea’s feeling ‘grounded’ and all her restrictions have been lifted. Yes, her doctor’s onboard with her coming home. What are your plans and expectations? Nikki also wonders.

At NE, Nate’s thrilled to hear that Ashland’s cancer hasn’t spread. He can’t commit to a ‘double date’ because Vikki might not be able to get away.

Vikki’s already gone to the school and enrolled the kids. It’s for the best; they’ll love it. She’s surprised (and grateful) when Billy agrees. But, he’s still pissed off that she was in cahoots with her Father and Adam to entrap him – I thought you were better, he leaves her looking hurt.