Tuesday, December 14th, 2021

Adam explains that Connor’s been staying at the ranch – for stability. And, when Chelsea asks how he’s getting along with Victor and everyone else on the property, Adam knows she’s asking about Sharon.

At CL’s, Sharon notes that Rey’s on edge today. He’ll know today whether Chance will be his partner again (he’s meeting with the Chief, sooner than expected)

Abby’s nervous to hear that Chance is off to a meeting at the station. He won’t be returning to work just yet – his focus is on his wife and son. Abby’s question on where Chance went last night is cut off when Chris unexpectedly stops by the estate. Welcome back, I have big news, she smiles.

At the penthouse, Devon flashes back to Chance confiding in him at Society the night before (unsure that he can live up to Abby’s expectations) Amanda can tell that something’s wrong. It’s Chance, Devon’s worried about him.

Follow my lead, Billy whispers to Lily before marching over to the Locke’s (at Society) To reinforce the role he’s playing, Billy cracks jokes and insists Ashland join him at the bar for a drink.

Devon tells Amanda that Chance is having a hard time finding normalcy at home and is dealing with a lot (guilt over Abby, Mariah and losing his entire team) That might effect Dominic, he adds.

Sharon’s surprised that Chance wants to return to work so soon. He’s been through a terrible ordeal and it wouldn’t be unusual for him to take parental leave. Rey looks forward to having his partner back. He almost made him a soccer fan out of him.

Chris delivers her good news; the follow up team caught those who set the bomb, and that lead to the ring leader they were after – the mission’s over.

Ashland declines the drink offer. Looks like you’ve had enough already, Vikki comments. As Billy plays tipsy and cracks jokes, Lily tries to shut him down. Billy then asks Ashland if he plays poker – let’s play, just for fun – you name the stakes. Lily squirms.

Chelsea can’t help but be a little curious. Adam rarely sees Sharon; she’s with Rey and he’s focused on Connor. He doesn’t love living in the tack house but Connor loves it. He’s doing well but misses his Mom. Did you miss me too? Chelsea sounds hopeful.

Amanda knows Devon’s coming from a good place – do you think Chance will neglect Dominic? No, he’s always been responsible, but Devon still worries. The answer is to spend as much time with Dominic and Chance as he can.

Rey heaps glowing praise on the love of his life. Sharon thinks it a good idea that he goes to the station to support his partner. But, after Rey leaves CL’s, she’s left to look worried.

Ignoring Lily’s attempts to shush him, Billy continues to badger Ashland. Oh? You won’t feed my addiction? You had no problem stripping me of my dignity. Vikki tells Billy to go to a gamblers anonymous meeting – I can’t watch this anymore. Billy’s left to think ‘that went well’. Maybe a little too well, Lily isn’t happy.

Chelsea didn’t mean to put Adam on the spot – her therapist encourages her to be direct – maybe that was too direct. Adam can’t forget that she framed him for murder. Connor arrives on cue – Mom! I’ve missed you so much. In the background, Victor doesn’t look touched by the reunion.

Abby’s pleased they won’t have to look over their shoulders anymore – this is a new chapter. Chance lets Devon in – thanks for listening last night. After Devon’s told the good news, Chance leaves for his meeting.

After Connor takes Chelsea to the stables, Adam tells Victor that she’s been trying to reach him for the last few days (to announce her return) He wonders what Chelsea’s return means to Adam.