Friday, January 14th, 2022

About to pour himself a drink, Adam flashes back to his Father declaring his plans to take a more active role at NM. He leaves on a mission.

I thought you were my friend, Abby protests – you’re taking us to court to spend more time with OUR son?! As Amanda remains silent, Devon reminds Chance that he admitted he’d been struggling since he came home. Since Abby opposed scheduled visits, he had no choice but to take legal action for shared custody.

At CL’s, Adam strides over to Vikki and Ashland’s table as they clink coffee mugs with a hearty ‘cheers’. Congratulations – he heard Jill accepted their offer to buy ChanceCom. He’s further alarmed when Vikki not so subtly hints that there’s ‘more in the works’.

Coming home from her run, a delighted Lily peppers Billy with questions – what happened with Jill? Are you coming to Chancellor to be my COO? First things first, he pulls her in for a passionate kiss.

When Abby asks to speak to Devon alone, Chance and Amanda don’t think that a good idea. OK, Devon didn’t want to involve lawyers – maybe we can work something out. At Chance’s request, Amanda agrees to a private chat over coffee. Now alone, Abby asks Devon what changed his mind (since he once thought shared custody was a bad idea)

Adam heard that Vikki’s taking credit for putting an end to Billy’s plot – how did you find out about it? She saw right through it – even a child could have, so it’s surprising Adam didn’t. Maybe he did – why wouldn’t you have warned us when we were together over Christmas? We are all Team Newman after all. What other team is there? Vikki grins.

Billy and Lily are now snuggling under a blanket, surrounded by candles and flowers. Q & A time. Jill thinks you’re great and will bring Chancellor to new heights.

Mike’s at the ranch to discuss Victor’s job offer – what would it entail? Since he’s stepping down as DA to spend time with family, it would defeat the purpose if this takes up too much time.

Over bubbly, Lily’s questions continue. Yes, Billy apologized to his Mother and shared his misguided plan (and Lily’s guidance/support) She hugged me and called me an idiot – so yes, he’s coming to CI to be Lily’s COO (which makes her very happy)

Now seated, Adam can’t help but wonder if there’s two Newman teams; Newman Locke and Newman Media. Are you really comparing our international powerhouse to the little division Ashland sold off? He speculates – your plan is to pit Father against son. Asked to weigh in, Ashland gushes that Vikki wouldn’t allow her husband to call the shots.

Abby can’t believe Devon’s doing this – have I ever denied you spending time with Dominic? Well, you denied me scheduled visits, allowing me to be more than a visitor in Dom’s life, Devon finally admits that it’s not Abby he’s worried about. He’s concerned about Chance’s psychological state and how it might affect Dominic.

Abby’s ‘appalled’ that Devon doesn’t think Chance capable of taking care of Dominic. He told me himself that he’s struggling, Devon wants to give him time to ‘get his head right’. You see yourself as our son’s Father?! Abby yelps. Devon finds it hurtful that she doesn’t see him as a Father figure – you left him with me. What’s changed for you??