Thursday, January 13th, 2022

Chance tosses and turns on the sofa until he awakens from his nightmare so loudly that he wakes Dominic up. Daddy’s sorry, he repeatedly apologizes to the bassinet. Having heard Dom cry, Abby appears to ask if everything’s OK.

Amanda’s finished Devon’s paperwork – it’s a lot to take in but this is what you said you wanted. Are you ready? It feels different – seeing it laid out like this, Devon looks torn. Do you still want to move forward? Amanda again prods.

At CL’s, Rey flirts with Sharon. He’s about to ‘proposition’ her when a giggly Mariah and Tessa bounce over. Rey’s left looking annoyed as Sharon goes over to the counter to chat with the girls.

Adam and Chelsea are at Society for a drink. She’s overwhelmed thinking of packing up the penthouse. Knowing there’s something else is on her mind, Adam doesn’t want to keep having the same conversation – there’s no future between us.

Chelsea’s pathetically persistent. Don’t walk away from happiness – she knows they can rekindle their deep love. Let’s try again, she places her hand over Adam’s (who doesn’t look moved. At all)

Chance doesn’t remember his nightmare and is sorry he scared Dominic. Abby puts him back in the bassinet – see? He’s already drifting off. You’re so great with him, Chance pouts. Abby’s more worried about his reoccurring nightmares. Chance doesn’t think it necessary that he talk to someone about it – please don’t worry about me. Thanks for being so caring – and hot. Chance has some errands to run but Abby takes him upstairs instead.

Devon thinks this is the right thing – Chance isn’t ready to be a parent and he just wants to help. He wishes it didn’t come to this. It’s the best way to get what you want but Amanda warns that he’ll have to make the case that Chance isn’t able to parent Dom. Custody battles are brutal. Before she files the paperwork, Amanda needs confirmation that Devon will do what it takes to win.

We missed you the other night at Nick’s belated birthday party, Mariah and Tessa tell Rey. Looking uncomfortable, he promises to be at the next gathering. The girls announce that they’re going shopping at Fenmore’s then to Chance and Abby’s – we have a little surprise planned.

Chance comes downstairs buttoning his shirt. Looking down at Dom for a moment, he grabs his coat and sneaks out.

Adam knows with every fiber of his being that it won’t work between him and Chelsea, and if she can’t let go, she might have to find another job (for her own good) Chelsea looks crushed.

Now you have my full attention, Sharon tells Rey – but seconds later duty calls when Chance arrives. As Sharon goes to the counter, Chance tells Rey that he isn’t coming back to the GCPD – he’s still finding his footing as a parent. Everyone’s spent more time with his son than he has. Rey’s supportive – Dom will know he’s lucky to have you as his Dad.

Amanda can’t say this won’t affect Devon and Abby’s friendship and if we lose in court, they might not let you see Dom. Their hurt could turn to anger. Devon doesn’t think Abby would do that. Amanda’s done her research – in some cases, donors have won parental rights – filing this will ensure you remain in Dom’s life.

Mariah and Tessa drop by the estate with a gift – one year ago today you asked me to be your surrogate, Mariah reminds Abby. After oohing and ahhing over the clothes, Abby’s thrilled to hear that Mariah and Tessa have decided to adopt. She feels Mariah’s back to her old self – I hope you don’t mind me saying that. She doesn’t, and in fact appreciates how understanding and supportive Abby’s been. I love you guys so much – group hug! Abby’s smile vanishes when she asks Mariah if she’s spoken to Devon recently. No, why?