Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

At home, Devon flashes back to being the one to calm Dom down when Chance couldn’t (and his admission that he might not be a good Father) Looking at a framed photo of Neil, he wishes he was there for support and guidance. I’m just trying to do the right thing for my son, he agonizes.

At home, Abby doesn’t understand why Chance doesn’t want to fight Devon. It’s all unraveling. Chance feels their best option is to find common ground. Abby doesn’t care if things get ugly. She’ll fight for her son and needs to know Chance is on her side. Of course, I am ~hug~

When Lily and Billy stop by CL’s before their first day on the new job, Sharon congratulates them. When Adam arrives, Billy makes a beeline over – ignoring Lily’s wish to just ignore him.

Abby’s going out for some air; she’s not mad at Chance, she’s mad at Devon – and Amanda. Chance wishes he hadn’t confided in Devon – it’s my fault. Refusing to blame anyone but Devon, Abby leaves him to stress.

Chance joins Chloe at Society for breakfast to hear that Sally’s busy in New York. What’s wrong? Spill. She correctly guesses the problem’s Adam. Chelsea wishes she’d listened to her BFF (and stayed away from her ex)

Back at CL’s, it’s all forced civility and thinly veiled hatred as Billy thanks Adam for sending a congratulatory text to Lily. Informed that it’s their first day at Chancellor, Adam wishes them well and tells Sharon that he’d love to buy the new leaders of Chancellor their coffee. After Billy quietly confirms that Adam (and Victor) will leave Lily out of their feud, Lily thanks Adam for the coffee. After the pair exit, Sharon hopes some of Adam’s performance was sincere.

Chelsea really thought that she and Adam were destined to be together. He bluntly told me that there’s no future for us and that she’ll lose her job if she can’t move on. Adam made it clear that it’s broken, for good.

Adam really does wish Lily the best. He then asks Sharon if Connor’s texts to Faith (re: horseback riding) are pesky. Whatever happens businesswise, Sharon’s glad Adam reconnected with Victor. She wishes he and Billy would end this feud; you’re more alike than you’re willing to admit.

Lily’s new office is her old ChanceCom office – now she has the whole building instead of just one floor. Jill’s sent a bottle of Scotch, flowers and a sweet card. After Billy gives Lily a supportive chat, Devon stops by to welcome his sister to the CEO club.

Chloe just wants Chelsea to be free (and free of her rose colored history of Adam) He hasn’t changed, he just wants people to think he has. We need to focus on building our fashion platform. Break free – this isn’t the end of something, it’s the beginning. WE are in control of our own destiny.

Sharon thinks that both Adam and Billy have come a long way; it’s inspiring. Sharon excuses herself to dash in when Abby arrives. Good to see you, Adam comes in briefly before leaving. Still in therapist mode, Sharon goes to work on Abby.

At Society, Nate’s sure that since Newman Locke purchased ChanceCom, they won’t shut down AskMDNow. But, he detects that Elena might want it to fold.

Nudged by Lily, Devon congratulates Billy too. He continues to shine the light on Lily – let me know if you need anything ‘boss’, he leaves Lily to warn ‘not a word’. Agreeing to keep his negative comments to himself, Devon updates that he’s filed for joint custody of Dominic. On cue, he gets a text from Chance; he wants to meet ‘just the two of us’.