Thursday, May 19th, 2022

In the hotel lobby, Phyllis and Amanda’s girl talk is interrupted by Ashley. I know what you did! Given your history how could you let this happen!?

Coming down later than usual, Jack’s saved from answering questions when Kyle and Summer come in to say they may have found a way to stay in GC.

A glum Ashland’s eating his breakfast when Vikki arrives at Society. It’s OK, I was just leaving, he stands. Wait, Vikki stops him.

At CL’s, Chloe knows how much Ester likes doting on the kids, but she can’t be a grandmother full time. It’s Ester-time.

Jack would love to have Kyle, Summer and Harrison in GC full time. Don’t tell Mom, Summer doesn’t want her to get her hopes up. They miss their family and friends – and Harrison misses his Father. There’s something you should know, Jack says.

Informed that his leftover stuff has been boxed up, Ashland will come by and pick it up. Or send someone, Vikki cites his health. Comparing notes on their injuries, Vikki understands that Ashland doesn’t want to leave GC because Harrison’s there. She’s left looking sad.

Chloe thinks it time Ester put down her feather duster. Kay said – Live tile I die. Well, Ester does have an idea on what to do with her time.

Back at TGP, Ashley’s ranting about Phyllis letting Diane stay in her hotel. Oh – Diane, Phyllis is relieved. Who’s Diane? Amanda’s puzzled. Phyllis was keeping an eye on Diane but has now asked her to leave. Ashley comments that Jack has a habit of forgiving women he shouldn’t.

Ester wants to find love (though through flashbacks admits she doesn’t have the best taste when it comes to men) She’s found an app for seniors dating. Chloe will help do her profile.

With Amanda still in the dark, Ashley and Phyllis discuss working towards a common goal, protecting Jack, Kyle, Summer and Harrison. After Ashley leaves, Amanda wants to hear about this Diane.

Summer and Kyle are disgusted by Jack’s news that Ashland let his son think he was sick. Who does that to their son? Oh, my Mom, Kyle sighs.