Wednesday, May 18th, 2022

The newlyweds are at home, comfy in robes as they go over highlights of their wedding – and Jack’s face when he caught the bouquet.

Jack shows Phyllis up to her room. Mentioning the kiss, she sashays inside and leaves the door open for Jack to follow. Seconds later, they’re in bed.

Spotting Diane at Society’s bar, Mike invites her to join him (since his lovely wife is out of town) He soon learns that she crashed Mariah and Tessa’s wedding.

At the house, Summer grumbles to Kyle about Diane – she deserted you and now wants a place in your life. Have you already decided to let her back in? Kyle’s put on the defense.

Noah’s on the phone with his Mom as he turns on the lights at CL’s – he’s doing some work there so as not to wake everyone up at the house. Hanging up, he’s surprised when Ally appears.

Having worked up an appetite, Phyllis tells Jack that she’d like to continue this festive at Society. Apparently, the late-night menu is worth getting out of bed for.

Clearly conflicted about his Mother, Kyle agrees that Harrison should be left out of the equation until they know whether Diane’s trustworthy. Following in their parents’ footsteps, they hit the sheets.

Opening gifts, Mariah seems surprised (and unpleasantly so) that Tessa may want more than one child.

Mike scolds Diane – no more impulsive moves, you may have to face the wrath of GC, he warns. Arriving with Jack, Phyllis isn’t happy to see Diane and Mike hanging out like ‘best buds’ – again. She’ll respect Jack’s wishes to ignore them – so gives Diane another death stare.