Friday, June 10th, 2022

Where the hell is Adam? Victor sends him a text. Adam replies immediately – he’ll be there soon. When Jack joins them to say how lovely Nikki looks, Victor growls – stop flirting with my wife *wink* All three agree that Neil and Kay would be happy about this merger. Jack’s sorry to hear that Vikki left town with Locke. Victor hopes she’ll soon realize she made an epic mistake. Speaking of mistakes, Victor’s not happy that Kyle’s giving Diane a second chance. Nikki’s sure she won’t be able to keep up this innocent facade. On cue Diane arrives. Excuse me, Nikki marches over to say that this is a private party – leave – NOW.

Diane’s mortified – she had NO idea there was a private party at TGP tonight. When Jack comes over, Diane thanks him for rescuing her (from Nikki) She’s there to use the spa. The GCAC has a spa, and Jack thinks she’s awfully dressed up for a spa visit. He declines her offer of dinner to talk about Kyle. Billy’s surprised to see Diane, but no, he’s not kicking her out.

Abby and Lily make small talk. Chance was called away to work. No, he’s not meant to work in the family business – he was born to do exactly what he’s doing.

At CL’s, Chance is with another cop. Rey trusted you, and so do I. He gets a call confirming a search warrant. Let’s roll, the cops leave.

Billy believes Diane deserves a second chance – but this night means a lot to us. Appreciating Billy’s approach, Diane’s already agreed to leave when Nikki returns to spit more venom. As Diane sashays off to the spa, Nikki mutters – one way or another, that woman’s gotta go. Jack seems taken aback by her fury.

Diane Jenkins, you’re making a fool of yourself, Victor intercepts her to say that people here haven’t forgotten what you did. Diane remembers what was done to her too. Have a nice night, she proceeds to the spa. Was I really married to her? Victor wonders aloud. A flashback reminds him that he was.

Diane’s gone, Jack calms Nikki down, then leaves her with Billy. That could have gone worse, he quips. Yes, he’s aware of Vikki’s plan to leave town with Ashland. Convince her to stay, Nikki pleads. Billy’s tried. Lily appears to steal her COO.

Assuring Nate that his speech will be fine, Devon leaves him to remind Abby that he left medicine because he couldn’t do surgery anymore. Oh yes, and this is where it all happened. Nervous that his speech won’t live up to Lily and Devon’s, Nate asks for her opinion. Our speeches are a vague outline of what CW has planned but shouldn’t we be more specific? Abby thinks he should follow Devon’s lead; he’s been at this a long time so knows what works. Imani watches with interest.

Lily and Billy are kissing – he’s so proud of her. This is YOUR vision. There’s nothing you can’t accomplish. When Devon comes to get Lily (the publicist wants to go over our speeches) Billy declines the offer to ‘say a few words’. This is all you. Go shine.

Running into John Carlo, Billy gives him props; the marketing team killed it tonight. John Carlo’s equally impressed with Billy’s ‘podcast division’; the numbers for The Grinning Soul are great. Who knows where that guy even is? Billy says casually before parting ways.

Imani joins Nate at the bar. That frown could only mean one thing; you need more Imani. Asked about her date, she hasn’t decided if he’s worthy of her yet. She encourages Nate to listen to his gut when he gives his speech. Really? Even if our fearless leaders don’t agree? Yes, really. You’ve got one shot to show them who we are. Dazzle the crowd. Hit em with everything you’ve got. You’re right, Nate will go with his gut. That’s the most exciting thing Imani’s heard all night. Running her hand along Nate’s arm, she can’t wait to see him make his mark.