Friday, June 10th, 2022

At TGP, the Chancellor-Winters team admire their big ‘CW’ sign and toast to their bright futures. When Abby comes along, Nate mentions Elena not being able to attend. Claws out, Imani would have refused to miss something this important. That’s not how being a doctor works, Nate informs. After all thank Abby for stepping in for Phyllis, Billy arrives with Jill. In tears, she wouldn’t miss this night for anything in the world!

All gathered in the lounge, Jill declares the merger a bold move that’s sure to make them a fortune. Blah, blah, blah. Cheers!

Lily’s speech praises everyone, including Elena (which irks Imani) Let’s make our parents and children proud, Lily wraps it up. Let’s get this party started! Cheers (again)

Chance joins Abby as she’s on hostess duties. Date night starts now, she gives him a kiss. When John Carlo arrives, Imani flirts – you miss all the shots you don’t take.

Jack congratulates Lily – then is stunned by the news that Vikki’s leaving town with Ashland.

Nikki basically warns Victor to behave himself. I’ll be the perfect guest – he just needs to find Adam to let him know he’s the new CEO of Newman. When Jill, Devon, and Lily come over to greet them, Victor is indeed the perfect guest; with praise, mentions of Neil and Katherine and advice that Lily and Devon must always maintain their bond.

As Devon and Lily are being interviewed by a reporter, Jill’s happy to see how in love Chance and Abby are. When he gets a call, they encourage him to go pursue a break in one of Rey’s cases.

Abby tells Jack that Chance is closing Rey’s cases. He’s surprised to hear that Phyllis asked her to host this party (while she visited Daniel) – then flashes back to their last bitter fight.

When a reporter asks Nate about leaving medicine for business, Devon eavesdrops as Nate explains that an accident made it impossible to perform surgery. Flashback to his and Nate’s fight, right there in that lobby. Devon frowns when Nate adds – that accident changed everything.

Nate continues – when one door closes another opens. He makes eye contact with Devon as he tells the reporter that he’s grateful that Lily and Devon brought him onboard; everyone’s opinion is equal. Annoyed, Devon moves on.

Imani assures her sister that she and John Carlo aren’t having too much fun – the company frowns on excitement. We’re playing truth or dare, Imani jokes. Amanda is VERY, VERY happy that John Carlo’s there.