Thursday, June 9th, 2022

At his penthouse, Devon, Lily and Nate are meeting when Billy arrives late to ask for a word with Lily. Nate and Devon watch as she quietly asks Billy to stay focused on the launch instead of his ex.

Amanda’s project is finding Imani a date for tonight’s launch party. You want me to focus on anyone but Nate, Imani correctly guesses. When Elena arrives at CL’s, busy on her phone, Imani quips – not like she has any reason to feel threatened.

At Society, Nikki’s working herself into quite a state – we’re losing our daughter and can’t do anything about it, she whimpers to Victor.

Staring at her office portrait, Vikki remembers Nikki explaining why her Father had it commissioned. Nick strolls in to promise he’s not there to talk Vikki out of leaving.

Elena comes over to ask Imani and Amanda how their Mother is. Looks like you’ve had a long night saving lives, Amanda sympathizes – then glares at Imani when she assumes Elena never has time for fun. Nate would understand if you’re too tired to attend the launch party – you look exhausted. Soon after, Elena leaves Imani to say ‘what?’ as Amanda can only shake her head.

Billy didn’t like the way things ended last night. Now’s not the time, Lily sits back down. Nate yet again pitches the need to ‘go bold’ – capitalize on the attention we’re getting tonight. Disappointed when Lily sides with Devon, he turns to Billy for support (but it’s above his pay grade)

Nick knows he can’t change Vikki’s mind – he’ll accept that this is what she wants – but is afraid he’ll never see her again.

Greeting the CW team, Crystal informs that Phyllis has gone to visit her son, so Abby’s waiting for them in the ballroom. After Devon and Nate go to do a sound check, Lily has nothing to say to Billy except – let Vikki and Ashland go. There’s no need to change the custody agreement. Vikki’s leaving because everyone’s trying to micromanage her choices; including YOU.

Plates of food untouched in front of them, Victor wishes he’d wiped the smug smile off Ashland’s face. But then he’d play the victim card. Ashland claimed it was Vikki’s idea to leave town – and that we drove her to it.

Nick and Vikki discuss what it was like growing up as Victor’s kids. We were the best team, Nick reminisces. Sure, we fought, but we could always turn to each other. He’ll always be there for his sister.

Billy repeats his usual lines (protecting the kids) No, Lily doesn’t think he still has feelings for Vikki but you’re way too involved in her life – it goes beyond co-parenting. She’s done talking about it – let this go. Billy admits she might have a point – he’ll let Vikki live her life. He’d be a fool not to listen to Lily.