Friday, June 17th, 2022

Kyle doesn’t have any connections in real estate. Diane’s not really interested in that anyway; she appreciates his generosity but wants to pay her way and find purpose. Public relations is what she’d like to do.

Billy’s not self sabotaging – he won’t go back to being the Abbott family screw-up. Jill binged his podcast; she loves it but worries he’s opening up old wounds. Billy finds it cathartic. He’s not sure why he’s restless but will find out.

Save some of that sugar for me? Yes, Imania DID follow Nate to CL’s. Your speech raised your visibility. Nate doesn’t see that as a plus – he didn’t want to overshaddow Devon and Lily. And her comments at the office seemed like a dig at Devon.

Diane doesn’t expect Kyle to get her a job – you just know so many people in town. She vows to earn respect – to make Harrison proud of his DD.

Summer’s invited Lauren to TGP to discuss defusing things between Phyllis and Diane. Fat chance, that woman’s been lighting fires everywhere. Lauren just saw Nikki – she’s determinied to get Diane out of town.

Summer doesn’t want to drive Diane out of town (for Kyle’s sake) Mike has a soft spot for her, Lauren admits she’s not a neutral party but warns Summer that she may want to get some distance between Kyle and his Mother. Amanda and Summer look worried.

Back at CL’s, Nate explains that he and Devon are cousins, sometimes rivals, sometimes best friends. Imani worries she’s being held back by her sisters’ watchful eye, something you should watch for with Devon. Think about what I said, she leaves Nate to think.

Billy’s back at the office to relay how happy Jill is with everything her star CEO’s done. He confesses that he shared some things with his Mother that he didn’t want to burden Lily with. But, he doesn’t want to keep secrets from her.

Mike’s not sure what he can do to help. Investigate Diane – did she pay taxes under her fake name? Identity theft? You’re on a handsome retainer, Nikki reminds. Tax evasion is a federal crime, Mike couldn’t help. You risked your life to bring Ashland down – why the hell are you protecting Diane!?

Secrets? Should I be worried? Lily gets a call – hang tight, I’ll be right there. Go, it’s nothing to freak out about, Billy didn’t mean to make it sound ominous. It’s your time to shine.

Harrison snacking in the kitchen, Kyle tells Summer that he had a nice visit with his DD. He’s not surprised to hear that Nikki wants his Mother out of town. No one will cut her any slack. He just wishes everyone would back off.

Continuing to argue about Diane, Mike has to wonder if Nikki would be so opposed to peaceful coexistance with Diane if they’d been able to rid themselves of Ashland. Don’t wonder – one thing has nothing to do with the other, Nikki insists. Fine, Mike will investigate – if only to prove to the naysayers that Diane deserves a second chance. And if you find anything will you cover for your old pal? Or let her get what she deserves? Nikki’s voice drips venom.

Next Week: Gloria accosts Chloe and Chelsea – you’re getting ramped up for your bold new adventure. Tension’s high, Nerves are frayed, you need a spiritual guru. You must be happy to see me. …Can I see you outside? Nick steps into Vikki’s old office to say that he heard from her …. Diane has news for Jack and Kyle – Phyllis has called a truce with me – wild huh?… Imani just got off the phone with her Father. What’s wrong? Amanda asks. It’s Mom.