Friday, June 17th, 2022

Arriving late for breakfast with his Mother (at Society) Billy’s cranky because Vikki’s leaving town with Ashland. Hearing the whole story, Jill agrees with Lily’s position – let it go. Vikki would never put her kids in danger. Furthermore, if you mess this up with Lily, I’ll never forgive you.

When Nate and Devon walk into her office, Lily hopes they like their new offices – she oversaw the design herself. Actually, Devon does have a problem.

In TGP lobby, Summer’s frustrated by her Mom’s evasive messages. Amanda can relate – she too is getting ‘shrug emojis’ when asking Phyllis when she’ll be back. Daniel and Lucy are walking on eggshells around her, Summer adds.

Nikki joins the Baldwins on the CL’s patio – worried about Vikki, she intends to direct her rage into a worthy target; Diane Jenkins. Mike’s just the person to help her do it.

Billy will let it go, just as he promised Lily. But yeah, he did think his Mother would be more supportive. And when he assumes Jill must find all the changes going on at Chancellor a bit ‘disconcerting’, she gently implies that he’s the one finding the changes disconcerting.

After Devon and Nate joke with Lily about their new offices, Lily tells Nate that the press loves him. I’ll say, Imani barges in to say that everyone’s buzzing about the sexy edition to the executive suite. That’s what the gossip sites are saying. Devon frowns.

Summer tells Amanda that she and Kyle walked in on Jack and her Mom arguing. Amanda wonders if Diane had anything to do with Phyllis leaving town so quickly. Actually, Summer had Daniel summon their Mom for a visit, to avoid a major showdown with Diane.

While Harrison’s feeding the ducks, Diane tells Kyle about a dream that kept her up last night. The Marchetti deal fell through and you went back to Italy. Relieved to hear the deal’s still on, Diane has a big favour to ask – she needs help finding a job.

Knowing her Mom’s trip is just postponing the inevitable, Summer’s putting together a team to save Phyllis from herself. Count me in (Amanda’s willing to be a ‘peace broker’)

Back on the patio, Nikki asks Mike to look into Diane’s life in LA – there must be something to prove she came to GC with evil intentions. Nope, he’s not ‘the best person’ for the job. He’s ‘paling around’ with Diane, Lauren grumbles before being called away on business. Nikki then demands Mike do something about Diane – QUICKLY.

Billy couldn’t be more proud of Lily and will be the best COO he can possibly be. Believing him, Jill promises whatever he confides to her falls under Mother/son privilege.

Nate hopes his speech didn’t upset anyone. It worked out, Devon says. Lily agrees. Imani’s learned that relying on instinct is better than playing it safe, professionally and personally. Nate didn’t want to step on anyone’s toes. Well, you did – Devon hopes it won’t happen again.

After Nate thanks Devon for being ‘gracious’, they sit with Lily and Imani to talk about raising advertising rates. When Lily credits great family teamwork for their success, Nate and Devon nod and smile unconvincingly.

Billy’s feeling a bit restless – like there’s something big out there for him. Jill shares her theory – are you self-sabotaging? If you fail, you give yourself permisson to fall back into your old ways.