Thursday, June 16th, 2022

Meeting at Society, Ashley and Traci are waiting for their grand-niece. Flashback #1. John reassures a young, ‘lovely’ Traci that he’s proud of her. Flashback #2. John tells Ashley how proud he is of her. Abby presents a ‘special’ table and has had her chef create a ‘special’ menu. When Ally arrives, she’s invited to ask the sisters anything – our lives are open books.

No, really, our lives are an open book, literally. The written Abbott family history is a lot to take in, so the Abbott sisters invite Ally to ask them questions. Ally loved her tour of Jabot’s lab; she followed in her Dad’s footsteps, just like Ashley. Traci was a singer before she became a writer (more flashbacks)

Traci tells Ally that she struggled with her weight and almost died due to an addiction to diet pills. Then, her rivalry with Lauren Fenmore (fun flashback of her dumping a sundae over Lauren’s head) Decades later, they became friends (another flashback) Now it’s the history of Ashley and Nikki/Ashley and Victor (more flashbacks) When Abby comes by the table, it’s time to think about Brad Carlton.

Abby now seated, Traci tells the story of the pool boy who captured her heart (flashbacks of Brad, Traci and baby Colleen; who passed away around the age you (Ally) are now. Then it’s the story of Abby being adopted by Brad (but her biological Father is Victor)

When Traci and Ashley bring Ally back to the house, Jack and Billy are there – all the Abbotts (almost) in one place. Billy would be glad to tell Ally his version of the family history; everyone in this room has been through hell and back. We always had each other’s backs no matter what. More tears as Ashley confesses that she’s a breast cancer survivor (flashback) Ally’s heart is touched. They hope Ally will partake in the family tradition John Abbott started; breakfast.

Ally’s not on ‘Abbott overload’ and isn’t going anywhere soon. Actually, I am, she reads a text from Noah. Thanking them all, Ally leaves (with Billy) Jack also thank his sisters (who both think Ally a great addition to the family. No, they didn’t discuss Dina. Jack’s relieved because Ally’s not sure when she’ll see her Mother again. Flashback of a painful goodbye between Traci and Dina. Then another after Ashley learned that Brad Davis was her Father (thank God Daddy never learned the truth) and then when Dina gave Ashley Jabot’s patents in her will.

Jack, Traci and Ashley spend a few more wistful moments talking about how the next generation will know all their stories; mistakes and all (a montage of flashbacks) They’ll know how lucky they are to be an Abbott.