Tuesday, June 21st, 2022

With humour and more reassurance, Billy convinces Lily that he’s excited about her journey, and his own. When Chelsea comes along to chat with GC’s power couple, Lily leaves Billy to see through Chelsea’s fa├žade. How are you *really* doing? he brings her to tears.

When Adam stops by her office, Sally prattles on about her outfit, the need to hire herself a good COO and what a great day it is. Now, how’s your first day on the job? she asks Adam.

Chelsea shares how hard Rey’s loss has been on her and Connor. And Chloe sometimes seems more like a babysitter than a collaborator. Hey, how about getting Johnny and Connor together? she’s disappointed when Billy gets a text and suddenly loses interest. Chelsea’s left to pout in the park.

Adam relays his conversation with his Father; who would neither confirm nor deny his theory on why he was chosen to replace Vikki. I’m the best person to run the company, he repeats to Sally. Nikki won’t be a supportive COO but You’ll always have my support, she promises.

At Society, Victor tasks Mike with finding Ashland and Vikki. I’m your legal counsel, Mike reminds. He hates Ashland too – but maybe it’s time to let Vikki go.

Chelsea’s not alone for long. Invited to sit for a spell, Nick updates her on Ashland’s lies. We got rid of him but Vikki went too. Then you have every right to want him destroyed, Chelsea decides.

Nikki’s summoned Billy to CL’s; sure he must know where Vikki went. I don’t know where she is, Billy’s worried about Vikki and everyone who loves her, even Victor.

Victor doesn’t understand why Vikki gravitates towards flawed men. Mike puts on his shrink hat to opine that Victor’s a ‘deeply’ flawed man who’s proven to Vikki that flawed men are capable of change. Grumbling about being conflated with those two bastards, Victor’s had enough armchair psychology – I want you to do a job.

In her office, Lily’s assistant runs down her list – the press want an interview with Billy. Assuming it’s because he didn’t speak at the launch, Lily’s surprised to hear they want to interview Billy about his podcast. The assistant is a big fan. Yes, he does have a way of pulling you in, Lily’s left looking uneasy.

Confessing that he reacted badly to Vikki’s decision, Billy tells Nikki that he threatened not to allow changes to the custody agreement. Both know Vikki would never jeopardize the kids’ safety. He’s decided to step back; let it go.

Victor’s mission requires the finesse only Mike has in his arsenal – you got it? You want to get even with that bastard as much as I do, Victor’s sure. Despite Mike’s assessment that Vikki’s capable of making her own decisions, Victor insists ‘she needs our help’. He doesn’t want to wait for her to come home in her own time – I want her to come home now. Find out where they are, Victor will take care of the rest.

Sally and Adam will always be a team. And, now it’s time for the clothes to come off.